IGS North America 2017 Photo Contest Winners

The North American Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS – NA) held its 2017 Photo Contest in January and February. Results were announced at the IGS – NA general assembly in Orlando, Florida in March. Congratulations are due to Paradox Access Solutions and Geomembranas y Geosinteticos. Paradox was awarded first place and G&G took home second and third-place recognition.


First Place: Paradox Access Solutions
IGS North America 2017 Photo Contest Winners
The image from Paradox Access Solutions shows the installation of Tough Cell as a sand-infilled road base for an access road in a low CBR area in Northern Alberta, Canada. The 3.5 km road was construction over Muskeg (CBR of <1%) and needed to support heavy loads within 40 days. The geotechnical engineering and civil design were carried out by Stratum Logics, Inc. and constructed by Paradox Access Solutions, Inc. during a winter. The subsequent performance alleviated the need for construction of a permanent road. The project was construction in 2012 and continues to provide service (beyond its design life) with only routine grading to be conducted for maintenance once per year.
Second Place: Geomembranas y Geosinteticos
IGS North America 2017 Photo Contest Winners
The impressive second-place submission from Geomembranes y Geosinteticos depicts high-scale separation with Mirafi® S1000M nonwoven geotextiles. The project was part of the New Mexico City International Airport’s construction and improved the soil bearing capacity with imported bank materials over the area where the Texcoco Lake was (Estado de México, México).
Third Place: Geomembranas y Geosinteticos
IGS North America 2017 Photo Contest Winners
In third place, we again find G&G utilizing Mirafi® geosynthetics. For this image, we can see Mirafi® RSi Series high-strength woven geotextiles being used for soil reinforcement. Subgrade stabilization was required for the unstable, saturated soft soils along the Villahermosa Freeway in Tabasco, Mexico.
“These photos will be used to promote the exemplary work of the geosynthetics community,” IGS-NA writes. “[They] raise awareness of the importance of your expertise and add to the beneficial dialogue between professionals and the larger engineering community.”
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