Runways and Reinforced Structures for Tana Toraja2nd Geosynthetics in Road ConstructionGeosynthetics in Road ConstructionThe 2nd Geosynthetics in Road Construction conference will be held 19 May 2017 in Moscow at the InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya. The international event follows last year’s successful debut for the event, which is helping introduce wider discussion and adoption of geosynthetics in the large Russian transportation engineering market. It is also helping better link international countries with partners in Russia and facilitating international technology transfer.
Major sponsors for the event include Bohnenkamp, Maccaferri, and Thrace Group.


The technical program will be divided into four sessions.
Session 1: Geosynthetics production and consumption: Development prospects. Further improvement of the industry regulatory environment

  • Continuous development of the legal framework for the use of geosynthetics in road construction: ROSAVTODOR’s role – Igor Astakhov (Rosavtodor)
  • The structure of the international standardization system on Geosynthetics. Update about the latest developments – Francesco Fontana (Member of IGS Council, Italian delegation of CEN TC 189, and WG 1 of CEN TC 189)
  • Presentation by Sergey Iliyn (GK AVTODOR)
  • Russian geosynthetics market: Supply and demand balance
  • Geosynthetics production and consumption trends in Russia and the Customs Union
  • Improving the regulatory and engineering provisions for the use of geosynthetics in road construction. Growing geosynthetics volumes
  • State support measures for the use of various geosynthetics in road construction

Session 2: Modern structural design and engineering methods in road construction with innovative geosynthetics

  • Stabilization of road embankments constructed over weak soils using geosynthetic materials – Dmitriy Olenichev (Maccaferri Gabions CIS)
  • The use of biaxial extruded geogrid composites to reduce the cost of highway construction – Panos Mokos (THRACE NONWOVENS & GEOSYNTHETICS)
  • Experience of the use of geosynthetic materials in road design – Aleksey Sotnikov (GIPROSTROYMOST)
  • Modern methods of designing transport hubs and junctions. Optimizing existing transport hubs and junctions
  • Improving geotechnical engineering design techniques for geosynthetics in linear infrastructure
  • Economic evaluation of geosynthetics performance in road construction projects
  • Cost estimates techniques for the use of geosynthetics in road structures
  • Geotextiles in road facilities: Experience of passing the State expert review

Session 3: Geosynthetic evaluation in road construction. Russian and international experience.
Moderator: Liya Potudanskaya (Maccaferri)

  • Construction compliance monitoring of volume geogrid – Dmitriy Moskalenko (YUGAN Marketing)
  • The experience of geosynthetic materials testing in the test center VNIIGIS – Irina Lonkevich (VNIIGIS)
  • International endurance test methods for geosynthetics – Representative of ASTM International
  • Development of geosynthetic designs by manufacturers for road construction
  • Primary requirements for geosynthetics: tensile strength and elongation or modulus of rigidity
  • Geosynthetics requirements to be mandatorily tested during receiving inspections. Acceptance of geosynthetics on site: How-to for road-building companies
  • Geosynthetics laboratory testing techniques. Creating rating system of test centres and laboratories

Session 4: New applications of New applications of New applications of New applications of New applications of geosynthetics geosynthetics geosyntheticsgeosynthetics geosynthetics. Geosynthetics in road repairs

  • Innovative solutions for road repair with the use of geosynthetic materials – Andrey Kochetkov (ROSDORNII)
  • DuPont: international experience of the use of Typar geotextile. Innovative solutions for construction of access roads – Alexey Spitsyn (DuPont)
  • Road facilities with geosynthetics: Operation and maintenance experience
  • Breakthroughs in the use of geosynthetics in road construction
  • Geosynthetics creep over service life
  • Expanding the equipment fleet for geogrid and multiaxial fabrics production in Russia
  • Ramp reinforcement techniques
  • Geosynthetics in road structure and bridgework repairs
  • Road pavement macadam reinforcement
  • Bituminous concrete pavement reinforcement

The event will include two coffee breaks, a lunch, and a closing gathering with drinks and a buffet.
A room block with special pricing has been arranged for conference delegates at the InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya Hotel.
For registration and more information, contact Svetlana Stoyanova, +7 (495) 775 07 40, or e-mail