Owens Corning has introduced GeoLap™ adhesive tape, a taping solution designed specifically for RhinoMat® and RhinoSkin® geomembrane applications. The 4-inch-wide tape’s high-strength adhesive is designed for enhanced performance in geomembrane repair, patching, and protection.
It is suitable for secondary repairs, seam protection, pipe boots and penetration sealing, batten reinforcement, and other geomembrane adhesive tape needs.
Image of Owens Corning Geomembrane, from adhesive tape release story


“The development of Owens Corning GeoLap adhesive tape demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to our customers’ success through consistent offerings within our premium geosynthetics solutions portfolio,” says Andy Durham, Senior Geosynthetics Engineer.
GeoLap™ is engineered to be stable from -70° F to 200° F (-57° C to 93° C). The durable, polymeric-faced, all-purpose tape utilizes a proprietary butyl adhesive backing. It is produced in standard 100-foot rolls and at a 4-inch width.
Image of Owens Corning Geomembrane, Geomembrane Repair Tape
The adhesive tape also comes with an easy-to-peel paper release for faster installation. The GeoLap™ product line is designed for water retention and containment applications in conjunction with RhinoMat® and RhinoSkin® installations.
Learn more at www.interwrap.com/Industrial-Fabrics, or contact a RhinoMat® sales representative at (800) 567-9727, email RhinoMat@owenscorning.com.
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