In March, AGRU America announced its major move into large-diameter plastic pipe. The Charleston, South Carolina facility has been producing HDPE pipe since April, but the company held its grand opening not long ago. The event, which was attended by 160 international customers, revealed further information on the innovative site, including news that AGRU’s XXL Pipe Production Facility is equipped to extrude the world’s largest high-density polyethylene pipe.

AGRU’s XXL Pipe Facility Offers World’s Largest HDPE Pipe Extrusion
The USD $40 million investment in Charleston, South Carolina is setting new benchmarks for HDPE pipe extrusion and large-diameter pipe project efficiency.


Uniquely, the Charleston Harbor plant is situated right on the water. This gives the company the opportunity to extrude straight into the waterway for ocean-going vessel towing. XXL pipe dimensions of OD 630 – 3,500 mm (24 – 138 inches) and in continuous solid wall lengths of 5 – 610 m (16 – 2,000 feet) are offered. These XXL pipe strings are designed to be installed near- or offshore, but can also be utilized for onshore installations of process pipes or transition pipelines.
Standard truck and rail delivery is possible, but the waterfront production takes full advantage of the cost-savings enabled by the lightweight, buoyant nature of the large-diameter pipe materials. (Ends are sealed for ocean towing.) The massive extrusion length allows for fewer joints and the smooth interior supports high-volume flow applications.

AGRU’s XXL Pipe Facility Offers World’s Largest HDPE Pipe Extrusion
During the grand opening ceremony for the XXL Pipe Production Facility, 160 international customers joined AGRU to celebrate the achievement.

“With a maximum outside diameter of 3,500 mm, AGRU is establishing new industrial standards,” the company writes. “The state-of-the-art production facility is in full compliance with the strictest quality criteria according to ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 standards. As a result, AGRU XXL pipe and fittings meet and exceed both EN 12201 and ISO 4427 requirements.”
The company utilizes high-grade PE 100 and PE 100-RC resins to ensure exceptional pipe durability and performance. The continuous extrusion length also enhances project economics by greatly reducing field welding needs, as does the factory-assembled flanges.
For more information on AGRU’s XXL Pipe Production Facility in Charleston, South Carolina, visit AGRU America’s website.

AGRU’s XXL Pipe Facility Offers World’s Largest HDPE Pipe Extrusion
The extrusion process can produce continuous pipe lengths of 610 m by extruding straight into the harbor for pipe to be towed by ocean-going vessels. Pipe ends are sealed for lightweight, efficient towing.