Aqua-Flex Pond LinersNew Caney, TX – Aqua-Flex is the newest product entry into the water feature and backyard pond markets. Developed by the research teams at Raven Industries and Colorado Lining International, Aqua-Flex is a new highly flexible thermoplastic liner that offers excellent flexibility, puncture and tear resistance and is half the weight of 45 mil EPDM. This weight advantage helps in shipping, installing and fabrication.
Installation of Aqua-Flex is simple and less expensive than EPDM, by utilizing hand held heat guns the product can be field welded easily and without the additional cost of seam tapes and primers. Aqua-Flex will be offering several hands on welding training courses throughout 2014, consult your nearest Aqua-Flex distributor for dates. The product has also been receptive to tapes and currently can be patched utilizing cold seaming methods. Aqua-Flex is available in standard roll sizes or can be factory fabricated into panels as large as 40,000 SF for larger projects requiring custom sized panels.
“When we received samples of the first run of Aqua-Flex material we were amazed at its high strength and flexibility. The product is perfect for the water feature and backyard pond markets and really fills a need for a cost effective solution that has been designed and engineered for this application,” says Paul Amos, Amos Sales Associates.
Aqua-Flex joined the market officially at the 2013 International Irrigation Show in September, and has been available through distributors across the United States for several months. The product will be sold exclusively through the Aqua-Flex Dealer network.


Aqua-Flex Pond Liner is currently headquartered out of New Caney, TX and is available via distributor channels.
Compare it to EPDM:
Learn more or become a distributor: or +1 303.951.5931 or Paul Amos at, +1 713-825-1432.