Brazil, Apr 18, 2001 (Gazeta Mercantil/SABI via COMTEX) — Bidim, a company from BBA Nonwovens is reporting a 12% annual growth in the Brazilian market. In 2000 it claimed R$35mil turnover while in 1999 it reached R$29mil, and in 1998 R$25mil. According to its CEO in Brazil Mr Carlos Caldeira the company is investing to expand capacity at its plant based at Sao Jose do Campos, Sao Paulo state, which was acquired by Rhodia Ster in 1997 for R$40mil. For 2001 the plan is to destinate R$12mil for equipment acquisition. It will allow to increase production by 36%. It is currently estimated at 7,000 m tons per year. Bidim expects to reach R$37mil turnover in 2001. The Brazilian nonwoven textiles market is estimated at 100,000 m tons per year.
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