Bunch Brings Utilities Expertise to ESI's Project Management

Ryan Bunch Brings Utilities Expertise to ESIThe largest contracted installer of geosynthetic lining materials in the United States, Environmental Specialties International, has added Ryan Bunch to its team as Project Manager. Bunch brings something quite unique to ESI’s project management approach: 14 years of gas and electric utilities expertise. It’s a client perspectivethat will continue to build on ESI’s project communication and execution strategies, such as in the large coal ash containment market.


Previously, Bunch worked at Southern Company, a gas and electric holding company. Bunch has spent the past decade in the company’s engineering and construction services department, managing contracts and the construction of capital projects for generation facilities.

He has extensive experience managing capital projects involving ash pond closures, dry ash landfill closures, CCR handling technology, package boilers, flue gas desulfurization (FGD) units, and SCRs. One of his most recent projects involved the successful completion of a 110-acre ash pond closure and a 26-acre ash landfill closure at Plant Watson in Gulfport, Mississippi. Both sites were closed using a unique synthetic turf closure system (ClosureTurf®), which was installed by ESI. These sites were the first in the state of Mississippi to utilize this unique closure system.

Bunch’s utilities expertise is considerable: coal ash containment applications, synthetic turf closure expertise, and excellent overall industry experience. It’s a background that is highly applicable to other containment works.

Bunch Brings Utilities Expertise to ESI's Project Management

“We are very excited that Ryan is joining ESI,” said Mark Dillon, President of ESI. “Ryan has tremendous experience and talent that will greatly benefit our customers and our organization.”

In support of the new position, Ryan Bunch and his family are relocating to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where ESI’s corporate headquarters are located.

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