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Update on CEN/TC 189 activities

Update on CEN/TC 189 activities -short report on the last TC 189 meeting in Lisbon (26 October 2001)

EPI Launches Liner Letter

EPI lauches the Liner Letter designed to keep you informed of ongoing developments in PVC geomembranes and current activities at EPI.

The First-Ever Geosynthetics Courses Over the Internet

The First-Ever Geosynthetics courses Over the Internet, The Geosynthetic Institute is delighted to announce four complete courses available at your convenience for 3-day time periods: Course #1 - Geosynthetics in Waste Containment, Course #2 - QC/QA of Geosynthetics, Course #3 - Geosynthetics in Transportation Applications, Course #4 - Geosynthetics in Private Project Development. You pick the 3-days according to your schedule and we will give you a password for the particular course selected. For more details contact Marilyn Ashley at +1-610-522-8440, Marilyn.ashley@coe.drexel.edu or go to http://www.geosynthetic-institute.org under the heading of "Internet Courses"

IGS news

The officers of the IGS elected until '02 are Richard J. Bathurst, President (Canada), Daniele Cazzuffi, Vice President (Italy), Colin J.F.P. Jones, Past President (UK), Wim Voskamp, Treasurer (The Netherlands) and Peter E. Stevenson, Secretary (USA). The Council members elected until '02 are J. Collin (USA), S.P. Corbet (UK), P. Delmas (France), J.P. Gourc (France), G. Heerten (Germany), E. Palmeira (Brazil), P. Rimoldi (Italy), and F. Tatsuoka (Japan)

Geo Coir Rolls & Erosion Control Products from Agro Twine Sir Lanka.

This high density coir fiber log with a coir net covering for the use of shoreline & stream canal bank and edge protection & many other Coir based products are available with us. For more information please contact us with your e-mail number. Address : Agrotwine., 504/A, Maples St, Wennappuwa-61170, Sri Lanka. E-mail: agrotwine@hotmail.com Tel: 94 31 54728 Fax: 94 31 55277

Aussie Home Owners to Pay for Geotextile Coastal Protection?

Wyong Shire Council may soon pass an ordinance that would require individual home owners along the Central Coast to pay for the installation of geotextile-based shoreline protection. Erosion has been a significant problem, and home owners will now have to choose to protect the shore or perhaps move their homes. Learn more here.;

State to Conserve 20% of Water

California water officials are embarking on a two-year environmental assessment of the proposed peripheral canal. The ambitious project would channel water from the Sacramento River around the Delta rather than through. But if the canal is to help the state truly conserve 20% of its water, as the governor has requested, geosynthetic liners should be considered. They have performed magnificently in conservation applications. Learn more here.;