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Geosynthetic Construction Concerns

Geosynthetic Construction Concerns - A series of actual installation photographs that illustrate what not to do on an installation - too bad we didn't get to these folks sooner!

Geofoam Used for Kentucky Locks Addition

The Kentucky Locks Addition story began when the United States Army Corps of Engineers, in conjunction with the Tennessee Valley Authority, recommended an additional lock be built adjacent to the existing lock located at river mile 22.4 on the Tennessee River, at Kentucky Lake Dam, in western Kentucky. US62/641 and a section of the P&L Railroad currently carry vehicular and rail traffic across the crest of the earthen Kentucky Lake Dam. The roadway and railroad will require relocation to the downstream side of the dam in order to expand the lock.

Report on the strategies of leading technical textile companies

International Newsletters is pleased to announce the publications of a new report. The report looks at company initiatives, strategies, current and future objectives, new product development programmes, capital expenditure plans, geographical market expansion and much more. If you order immediately, you can benefit from a special prepublication discount of more than 10%

Are you looking for Employment in the Geosynthetics Field?

Looking for a job in geosynthetics? Send us some details - experience, what you are looking for and where to: elizabeth@geosynthetica.net. We have been asked if we know available people. Your information will be held in the strictest of confidence.
IGS News

In Memoriam: Kim Barnard

The Geosynthetics Interest Group of South Africa (GIGSA), a chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS), has announced that founding member and industry veteran Kim Barnard has passed away. Learn more here.;

Geosynthetics Conference 2001 Proceedings

Learn how to solve problems and save money using geosynthetics with the Geosynthetics Conference 2001 proceedings. These proceedings are a necessary resource for golf course designers, landfill owners, road construction contractors, consulting firms, government agencies and any individual that will benefit from learning of the economics, performance and contractibility of geosynthetics. Available in Volume with CD-ROM. Contact: Industrial Fabrics Association International - +1-800-225-2508

The Sardinia Waste Management and Landfill Conference, 2001

The Sardinia Waste Management and Landfill Conference, 2001 is scheduled for 1-5 October '01. Abstracts of 1 - 2 pages are required by 15 November 00 to: Prof. R. Cossu IMAGE Department, University of Padua, Via Loredan 20 - 35131 Padova (Italy) Themes include; Landfill Design & Construction; Barrier Performance; Landfill Operational Problems; Remediation of Old Landfills. Contact: eurowaste@tin.it or visit

Annual Call for Papers for IFAI Expo 2001 Textile Technology Forum

October 18-20 in Nashville, TN, USA. Papers will be grouped into the following categories: Fibers and Compounds, Measurement and Testing, Coating and Finishing, Performance Enhancements, Fabric Manufacturing, Architecture/Construction and Geotexiles. The abstract must be in English, one type-written page approximately 300 words. Maximum of one additional page of supporting data and only submitted by fax or hard copy mail. Deadline for abstract Submission is February 1, 2001. For further information contact: Jill Rutledge - +1-651-225-6981 (vox), 631-9334 (fax) jmrutledge@ifai.com

Tech Doc…

Made available by PGI (PVC Geomembrane Institute), the paper titled PVC Geomembranes for Large Evaporation Ponds, authored by Dominic Berube, Patrick Diebel, Andre Rollin, and Timothy D. Stark is now accessible on-line.