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VIDEO: Geocell Solutions for Mining Applications

VIDEO: Geocell Solutions for Mining Applications

Load support, slope remediation, stormwater control, and vegetated retaining walls: these are all mining applications for which highly effective, extremely durable, and easy-to-implement geocell solutions are available. Presto Geosystems’...
Video: Pambula Merimbula Uses Diamond Grid for Access Road

Video: Pambula Merimbula Uses Polymeric Mats for Access Road

Diamond Grid has published a video story on the installation of its polymeric mat system to create an access road for Pambula Merimbula Golf Course in Australia. At the open...

Video – Miller Weldmaster Geosynthetic Welding Equipment

Miller Weldmaster is a manufacturer and innovator of rotary hot air and hot wedge welding machines for the industrial fabric and thermoplastic industries. Specializing in geomembrane liner welding equipment,...
Sustainability of Geosynthetics

VIDEO: IGS UK Sponsoring Sustainability Study with Loughborough University

During the International Geosynthetics Society's (IGS) quadrennial GeoAfrica event (November 2013, Ghana), Geosynthetica's Elizabeth Peggs sat down with Peter Assinder and Prof. Neil Dixon to discuss an important sustainability...
Solmax Offers a Fix with Geomembrane Folds

Solmax Offers a Fix with Geomembrane Folds

Geosynthetics are used for a host of reasons, but economy, construction efficiency, and long-term performance (often linked to project economy) are frequently influential in the design and material...

Interview: Koerner on Lifetime Predictions for Geosynthetics

Dr. Russell Jones, President of the International Geosynthetics Society, sat down with the Geosynthetic Institute's Dr. Robert Koerner to discuss GSI's 12-year study on the long-term performance and aging...
GeoTalk Season 3 Episode 2 - Ocean Health and Microplastics

Podcast: Ocean Health, Sustainability and Geosynthetics

The swelling volume of microplastics in the ocean has caused significant concern across governments and industries. Some argue for "no plastics on beaches." These arguments are generally in relation...
How RUSLE 2 Benefits Ag, Mining, Urban Design, and Other Sectors

How RUSLE2 Benefits Ag, Mining, Urban Design, and Other Sectors

As Nearly 80 years of erosion data in the United States informs the massive RUSLE2 database, led by the US Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service. In this...

Video: ILT Coal Ash Containment Installation at Reid Gardner

International Lining Technology began work on a coal ash containment project at the Reid Gardner Generating Station in late November 2016. The 557-MW plant sits on 480 acres near...
Solmax Geomembranes - Additive Packages, Resins, Performance

Additive Packages, Resins, and Geomembrane Performance

How do additive packages, resins, HPOIT and OIT testing, and other components and quality control measures to geomembranes affect material durability and performance? Solmax engineer Mathieu Cornellier led a...

VIDEO: GCL Seal Revives a Historic German Moat

The historic moat in Delitzsch, Germany had been losing water for decades and threatened to become swampy. Renovation plans included the planting of reeds. To prevent reed roots from...
Project Video: GRS Structure for Major Greek Cultural Center

Project Video: GRS Structure for Major Greek Cultural Center

One of the world’s leading architects, Pritzker Prize-winning visionary Renzo Piano, has led the development of Greece’s newest cultural treasure: the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. The site, which...
SuDDS - Subsurface Drainage Design Software

Subsurface Drainage Design Software Assists Road Designs

Geofabrics Australasia has developed a web-based road design app focused on drainage performance and cost calculation. Subsurface Drainage Design Software (SuDDS) produces net cost and design comparative reports based...

Dewatering Tubes Video

HUESKER has just published a video on dewatering with the company's SoilTain® tubes. Learn more here.;

VIDEO: What Makes Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) Impervious

In a new monthly video series—Tech Talk—CETCO shares high-quality information on geosynthetics and affiliated engineering issues. The first video in the series has been posted to the company’s YouTube...
Podcast - The Coming Wave of Biogeotechnical Engineering - CBBG

PODCAST: The Coming Wave of Biogeotechnical Engineering

Biogeotechnical engineering is adding enzymes, microbes, and much more to the engineer's toolbox Geosynthetics have achieved some remarkable levels of performance in infrastructure. They play a big role, but they...
Photo of soils for story on the geotechnical poetry of Mary Nodine

The Geotechnical Poetry of Mary Nodine

Geotechnical engineering requires a lot of waiting. You wait on calls, test results, the weather. You wait on a construction activity to finish, on software to complete extremely complex...

Interview: Elizabeth Peggs on IGS Two for a Few

At the 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics (September 2018, Seoul), the International Geosynthetics Society recorded another “Two for a Few” interviews, which brings together leaders in the field for...
ACE Geosynthetics

VIDEO: ACE Geosynthetics' International Projects

ACE Geosynthetics uploaded a video to YouTube (12 March 2014) showing its international utilization of geotextile tubes, its secondary containment system, and its geotextile-based, concrete-filled revetment and scour protection...
Image of Professor Jorge Zornberg seated beside a materials testing table. From the University of Texas - Austin.

Jorge Zornberg on Siamak’s Geosynthetics Podcast

Our good friend Siamak Paulson, an Australia-based engineer, continues his series of interviews with not just Australian geosynthetics experts but luminaries from around the world. The latest video podcast...
President Obama Signs WRRDA

President Obama Signs WRRDA into Law

US President Barack Obama signed the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) into law on Tuesday, June 10. This bill is significant for its lack of earmarks, its...

Strata India Videos Showcase Geocell Advantages

Strata Geosystems (India) has launched a series of videos to highlight geocell advantages. The company has helped considerably raise the profile of geocellular confinement systems in the fast-growing Indian...

488m Long Rockfall Bund Protects a Coastal Road

The coastal town of Kaikoura is located on New Zeland’s South Island in the North Canterbury region. It is a popular tourist destination and renowned for its scenic views,...
VIDEO: Reduction Factors for Creep Rupture Behavior of Geosynthetics

VIDEO: Reduction Factor for Creep Rupture Behavior of Geosynthetics

In HUESKER’s May 2017 videocast, engineer Christoph Hessing discusses a highly important reduction factor that engineers must know to properly design with geosynthetics: creep rupture. This is essential to...

VIDEO: Subsoil Drainage Systems

On its YouTube channel, Geofabrics has published a video detailing the advantages of the Megaflo® subsoil drainage system. The rigid, high-flow velocity panel drain is utilized in improving roadway...