CLI Colton, California Geomembrane Fabrication Facility

CLI Colton, California Geomembrane Fabrication Facility
The Colton, California facility’s strategic location enables CLI to offer even faster service of stock materials to a large-range of customers in the western United States.

Colorado Lining International
Colorado Lining is one of the world’s most experienced contractors, fabricators, and installers of geosynthetics.

Colorado Lining International has opened a new geomembrane fabrication facility in California. The strategic location—Colton, California—will serve customers in the western United States even more efficiently, with excellent access to major roadways. The new facility is also less than two hours from four major ports: Long Beach, Hueneme, Los Angeles, and San Diego.
“The additional fabrication operation will offer faster service of stock materials for current and future customers [based in the region],” said John Heap, CLI President.
Heap cited the company’s growing Hydro-CapTM geosynthetic cover market in the West.
The company, which has operated for more than 35 years, has been in a steady growth mode of late. It has transferred its deep experience in the field into custom-built solutions and special cover technologies for water conservation, oil and gas, and industrial markets. It has established strategic partnerships. It was also expanding its presence in the US and internationally through new fabrication facilities. The company also has a strategically located facility in the Houston area.
These moves have brought the company into projects as far away as the Middle East and Australia.
In the western US, CLI’s work in water resource conservation, such as installation of floating covers over reservoirs, has been growing and is certain to continue increasing with the Colton location.
“We are excited about the opportunity to grow our presence in this critical economy,” said Heap, “and offer water protection and storage options to a variety of industries and agencies.”
The new fabrication and construction office is located at:
Colorado Lining International – California
330 West Citrus, Unit 200
Colton, CA 92324
Learn more about the company’s services, experience, and market- and application-specific solutions at
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