CLI Hydro-Cap Floating Cover SystemCLI Hydro-Cap Floating Cover System Colorado Lining International, Inc. (CLI) is giving its well-established floating cover system a new brand: Hydro-Cap™. The system has been used in a broad range of environmental conditions for more than a decade in water conservation, evaporation control, oil and gas, and anaerobic digester installations.
In a release on the brand update, CLI Regional Manager Andre Harvey noted, “We have been designing and building floating covers for 13 years, often in design-build situations. More recently, we have rolled-out new cover technologies with three patent-pending adaptations that have been met with great success. As such, CLI is now introducing branding to this market segment as we continue to innovate.”
Reusability is one of the system’s benefits, as the membranes offer high UV and chemical resistance. Sites with aboveground frac and construction water tanks, for example, are doing this.
The covers have been extensively used year-round throughout North America in a variety of environments.
Additional benefits include:

  • Customizable to a wide-range of site considtions and configurations
  • Minimized evaporation
  • Cost and resource savings
  • Prevention of algae growth
  • Long-term durability and performance
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Wildlife protection
  • Protection against chlorine attack

CLI has certified crews available to supervise installation and provides full installation services.
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