This project video from HUESKER details a 1500m-long coastal protection installation of geosynthetic tubes along Lake Sedlitz in Germany’s Lusatian Lake District. The 1400 ha (3460 acre) lake is the largest of the manmade lakes in the former lignite mining area. The old mines have been flooded, a process that has restored the region to its historical natural beauty.

As the waters of Lake Sedlitz were given their final raising, which would bring them up to the Village of Lieske, geosynthetic erosion control and coastal protection tubes were used to give the shoreline long-term stability.

SoilTain® Coastal Protection Tubes from HUESKER were selected.


On-going erosion in the area had carved out a 5m-high slope, which led up to the new waterfront. German mining interests, which are responsible for the reclamation of the area, needed to halt erosion and prevent future slippage of the slope.

The installation of the geosynthetic tubes gave the project continuous protection along the entire remediated stretch, and the project demonstrated how inland lakes and oceanfront beaches succeed with the same, efficient coastal protection strategy.

The SoilTain® tubes offered a highly durable, more sustainable solution, as the tubes utilized local soils for their fill. Each tube was able to be built to 50 m in length. The stacked design—two tubes high—provided a continuous 4m protection height.

Additional benefits of the design include the ability of microorganisms to colonize on the surface of the large-volume tubes, the sand-colored geotextiles surface of the tubes (for blending into the environment), and the submergence of the system at the final flooding stage for Lake Sedlitz’s completion.


A geosynthetic sandmat was also installed below the system to prevent piping and erosion beneath the large-volume tubes as well as to provide scour protection above and behind the tubes as additional slope fill was conducted.

SoilTain® bags were used to compensate for any height difference or gaps created by the interface of the system elements. Like the large tubes, the convenient bags were filled with on-site material and offer the same, long-term durability.

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Project Video: Geosynthetic Tubes for Coastal Protection