The Ecodur Spray Liner System is made from a vegetable oil-based plastic and is NSF 61 Certified for use in potable water tanks and piping systems. It is also used in secondary containment applications (including fuel) and landscape water features.

26 June 2012 – Colorado Lining International, Inc and Castagra Products, Inc. have paired up to bring the containment industry an environmental benign containment solution to market using a safe, non-toxic, vegetable oil based plastic that has a 20-year pedigree of protecting ships and concrete structures.

The Ecodur Spray Liner System is also a solvent free spray-on liner system comprised completely of natural products with no harmful manufacturing emissions. It is NSF 61 Certified as a product suitable for use in drinking water storage tanks, piping systems and related structures and surfaces as a lining or coating. Uses include secondary fuel containment, tank linings & coatings, waste water treatment, landscape water containment, fuel storage, and pipeline secondary containment.

Crews from the Colorado Lining headquarters in Parker, CO have already installed some Ecodur systems in the Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions of the US.

With CLI’s second facility in New Caney, Texas (Houston), and Castagra’s Reno, NV headquarters, They are currently equipped and prepared to offer the system domestically and internationally as part of CLI’s already well established geomembrane capabilities.

It is applied by trained technicians with custom engineered equipment to ensure lining systems that are seamless and resilient with excellent bond strengths.

John Heap, President, stated, “This is a major ‘green’ step forward in the use of Spray Lining Systems for applications in the containment market including the oil and gas industry where, up until now where woven coated PE, HDPE and specialty membrane materials have been the industry standards.

“Oil and gas companies operate in some of the harshest environments on earth. Castagra’s proven industrial coatings are incredibly tough and durable even under temperature extremes and we’re confident Ecodur will be a big success and will help our clients protect the environment.”

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