2 March 2003
The EuroGeo 3 conference in Munich is well underway and a great success! 550 attendees are pre-registered and there are 65 Exhibitors. Here is a quick look at what’s going on. Please check back in the next few days for a comprehensive report. If you would like larger copies of any of the pictures please contact us by email at info@geosynthetica.net

Cazzuffi IGS President Welcome
Welcoming the attendees to EuroGeo 3 is IGS President, Daniele Cazzuffi.
Braeu EuroGeo 3 Chairman
Gerhard Braeu, EuroGeo3 Chairman explaining that some sessions had been moved. Two weeks prior to the event, the Fire Marshall denied previously granted permission for the event to take place at a certain area on the campus of the Technische Universitat Munchen. The Organizing Committee quickly took action and rented a tent on the campus plaza to house part of the Exhibition. The remaining booths were divided between the registration area and the foyer of the Audimax.

van Inmpe ISSGME President
W.F. van Impe, President ISSGME presenting a plan to create the International Federation of Geotechnics Society

Stevenson and Tatsuoka Student Award Presenters
Peter Stevenson IGS Secretary and Fumio Tatsuoka IGS Vice President, conducting the IGS Student Award Ceremony.

IGS Student Award Winners 2004

The attending student award winners with IGS Council members F. Tatsuoka, R. Bathurst, D. Cazzuffi and P. Stevenson. The nine student award winners were: Sofie Desot – Belgium, Margarida Pinho Lopes – Portugal, Bruno Chareyre – France, Diana Tenea – Romania, Axel Ruiken – Germany, Enrico Crippa – Italy, Sindnei Helder Cardoso Teixeira – Brazil, Jan Kupec – UK, and Anton Johan Bain – South Africa.
Congratulations to all of the winners!

Floss IGS Germany Chair and Presenter

R. Floss Chairman of the German Chapter of the IGS presented the Introduction Lecture, Design Fundamentals for Geosynthetic Soil Techniques.

Bathurst presents Mercer Lecture
Richard Bathurst presented the Mercer Lecture, Reinforcement Loads in Geosynthetic Walls and the Case for a New Working Stress Design Method.
EuroGeo3 Conference Proceedings…
A comprehensive list of all 125 abstracts.
The exhibit hall was full of gsa underwriters, click on any underlined link to learn more about the company
EuroGeo 3 Enegpol Booth

Brazilian Manufacturer of geomembranes supplying materials world-wide.
geosynthetica.net underwriter

EuroGeo 3 Colbond Booth
Colbond International manufacturers of geosynthetic materials for erosion control, drainage, building & construction, waste containment and soil improvement
geosynthetica.net underwriter
EuroGeo 3 Huesker Booth
Huesker Synthetics
an international manufacturing company
geosynthetica.net underwriter
EuroGeo 3 IFAI Booth
Industrial Fabrics Association International partners in promoting the geosynthetics industry and good practice!
EuroGeo 3 Naue Booth
Inside the Naue booth. Naue is an international manufacturer of geosynthetics and geosynthetic clay liners.
geosynthetica.net underwriter
EuroGeo 3 Naue Booth
Naue’s booth from the outside
geosynthetica.net underwriter
EuroGeo 3 Sensor Booth
manufacturer of an innovative conductive geotextile
geosynthetica.net underwriter
EuroGeo 3 Sensor Booth
xplain the benefits of their unique technology
geosynthetica.net underwriter
The Evening Reception in the Audimax foyer
with good food and drink attendees were entertained by a jazz trio on the top level of the second floor staircase.
Evening Reception EuroGeo3 Evening Reception EuroGeo3
EuroGeo 4 will be in Edinburgh, Scotland we hope to see you all there!