Three Major Transportation Disciplines, Three Co-Chairs Representing Diverse Infrastructure.

Nearly three years ago, a discussion emerged around the geostructural aspects of pavements, railways, and airfields. Each of these unique disciplines had geotechnical challenges that were researched and approached differently. The natural question became: Could they learn from one another? Could they eliminate redundancies in research? GAP 2019 is the answer to that.

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The GAP conversation will be carried out November 4 – 7 in Colorado Springs and will serve to bridge the gaps between these disciplines to create smarter, leaner, and more sustainable infrastructure.

The conference full program is here


Co-Chair Spotlight

Mike Adams is one of the most well-known figures on the transportation side of geotechnical engineering in the US. He serves as FHWA’s lead geotech at the renowned Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center in DC.

Ted Sussmann is a top-tier civil engineer with the Federal Railroad Administration. Based out of the DOT’s Volpe Center, with its mission to improve the public good through innovative infrastructure, Sussmann focuses on railroad track mechanics and geotechnics research.

Jeb Tingle is a Senior Research Engineer from the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC). Over the past 25 years, he’s been highly influential in ERDC business development, program management, and technical oversight with large, complex civil engineering R&D projects.


What You’ll Find at GAP 2019

Uniting the three different modes is the opportunity to delve into data-gathering technologies, design strategies with unbound layers, utilization of ground-penetrating radar, aggregate specification, and much more. The real-world application of the methods and their subsequent outcomes and performance is at the heart of this engaging and fantastic face-to-face conversation.

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