GCL UniversityOn August 22, CETCO will hold its next “GCL University” session in Southern California. This day-long geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) engineering seminar will be held at the Costa Mesa Marriott. Expert speakers include Dr. Ed Kavazanjian, Rick Thiel, P.E., Chris Athanassopoulos, P.E., and Joanne Lee.

The seminar will teach methodologies for the practical inclusion of geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) in the design of landfill cells and caps, mining, coal combustion residual sites and other industrial applications. The advantages and disadvantages of alternate technologies will also be covered.

GCLU is a comprehensive training course with a curriculum intended for design professionals including civil and geotechnical engineers and regulatory personnel. Key topics include:

  • Slope Stability and Design & Construction of Canyon Fill Landfills
  • GCL Chemical Compatibility Testing and Advances in GCL Technology
  • GCLs and Waste Containment
  • Santa Ana CA RWQCB Liner System Design Criteria
  • Case Studies on Recent Landfill and Mining Lining Projects in California
  • Current Design Considerations with GCLs: Pucture Resistance, Shear Strength and Installation
  • Landfill Design and Construction in California

Click here to view the full agenda (PDF)