Strata Geosystems (India) has launched a series of videos to highlight geocell advantages. The company has helped considerably raise the profile of geocellular confinement systems in the fast-growing Indian infrastructure market. The new series of videos showcase the StrataWeb® geocell advantages in applications including load bearing, slope protection, and retaining walls.
The concise videos focus on construction sequences and general description, identifying essential points of design, installation, and project completion.


Strata India Videos Showcase Geocell AdvantagesStrataWeb® is a high-quality, strong, three-dimensional cellular confinement system. It can be used as foundation reinforcement for enhancing load bearing characteristics of weak soils and also as erosion protection for slopes.
The product was launched in India in 2012, and since then it has been used in landfills, reinforced soil walls, canal linings, channel protection, container yards, airports, high-end real estate, and other installations.
In 2016, for example, Geosynthetica profiled how a major golf course redevelopment project close to New Delhi was utilizing these geocell advantages.
The lightweight, strong, three-dimensional honeycomb shaped StrataWeb® geosynthetic system confines fill material to create a stable base for load distribution. In slope protection design, it serves as a low-cost, high performance solution that addresses slope erosion challenges while providing several facing options such as vegetation for aesthetic cover, concrete for permanent cover, etc., thereby enabling a sustainable footprint.
Geocell advantages include:

  • Quick, efficient, and safe installation to save project time and cost
  • High-strength tendons through the geocell panels provide permanent anchorage of StrataWeb® in the crest of the slopes, eliminating the risk of the material sliding down the slope
  • Far more durable and feasible than mulch and jute mats for steep slopes and heavy precipitation environments
  • Supports vegetation for true long-term landscaping and erosion control
  • Carbon footprint reduction: The environmentally friendly nature of the geocell offers projects a way to greatly reduce or eliminate fill quarrying; and, the lightweight, collapsible geocell panels are efficient to ship with only a fracture of the transportation requirements of thicker, conventional soil, rock, gabion, and concrete solutions.

Learn more about StrataWeb®, slope erosion protection, soil reinforcement, and Strata India at the company’s website: You can also find the full suite of videos on the company website.