Geomembrane fabrication can provide significant cost savings for geosynthetic barrier installations. EPI shares a video from a wastewater treatment plant project.


Prefabrication of geomembrane panels can provide significant cost savings. It allows sections of panel to be joined to create very large pieces, which lead to greater coverage on site as rolls are deployed. EPI estimates that factory fabrication can reduce field seams by up to 80%. Performing the seams for extra-large panels in the controlled environment of a factory removes the risk of blown dirt or weather impacting seam quality on site.
Furthermore, fabrication helps reduce shipping cost and on site waste. Site work is quicker too.
EPI has published a video detailing its work at the Elk Rapids, Michigan Wastewater Treatment Plant. The company provided geomembrane fabrication for four lagoons, each of which measured 33,000 to 44,000 ft.2. A GCL underlay (Bentomat® from CETCO) was installed on the prepared subgrade followed by the prefabricated panels of 45-mil polypropylene geomembrane.
Installation was performed by Geomembrane Services, Inc.
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