Project Video: High-flow Drainage Support for Athletic Facility

Varicore Technologies documented the extensive drainage installation work its geocomposite materials were utilized in performed for the Annandale Regional Athletic Facility in Minnesota. The multi-sport site hosts a baseball stadium, four baseball/softball diamonds, two soccer pitches, and a football field. Additionally, parking, parkland, and trails were built into the 20+ acre location.
To date, 6 of the acres (four fields) have been fully prepped, with only spring 2017 turf and related works needed.
Geosynthetic drainage geocomposites have been essential to the project’s success.


In total, 18,000 ft. of Multi-Flow 6” geocomposite strips, 4,000 ft. of 8” HDPE Dual-Wall drainage material, and 1,000+ ft. of 15” rcp were supplied to the construction works.
The geocomposite drainage support enabled the site to solve on-going stormwater management concerns. Engineered retention zones were trenched into the area to drain the site soils. Once the proper drainage was achieved to enable full construction activity, precision drainage support was added to further trench collection and provide the basis for long-term drainage of the sport fields.
One of the highlights of the video is the overhead shot around the 1:30 mark. It emphasizes the orderliness of construction activities with a scalable, easy-to-install geocomposite drainage solution like the one utilized in Annandale (Varicore’s Multi-Flow Drainage System). There, a quadrant of fields could be efficiently graded, trenched, geocomposite drainage support installed, and backfilled with two completed, one ready for installation, and one ready for trenching.
This efficient plan was able to be executed by a minimal crew because the site soils were kept properly conditioned.
The four completed fields, which will later be covered with natural turf, were completed in just one week.
The rest of the parks fields and 14 acres will be developed in 2017.


Varicore’s Multi-Flow system is used in more than just sport field development. It is also increasingly important for geosynthetic lining system protection, drainage, and venting.
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The USD $4 million project features engineering from Bolton & Menk; siteworks by Northern Lines Contracting, Inc; and drainage supply from MN Pipe and Supply.
Project Video: High-flow Drainage Support for Athletic Facility