HUESKER Geosynthetic Support Pad - Fortrac Heavy Load
HUESKER has developed a geosynthetic support pad (Fortrac Heavy Load). The system has been engineered for storing extra-heavy units, such as monopoles for offshore wind turbines or ship components. The load capacity of this geosynthetic support pad is greater than 800 t.
“Traditional constructions with custom-made steel and concrete support posts tend to be very expensive,” the company writes. “[This geosynthetic] system features a combination of two high-tensile geosynthetic products with local soils or slags as the fill material.”
The result is a more economical approach to support pads while offer high robustness and ductility.


Fortrac Heavy Load is available in various height and width combinations, giving the system scalability to a wide range of applications and load types.
Provision is made for monitoring loads exceeding 800 t. The support pad’s high capacity reserves and minimal settlement (< 1.5% up to 800 t) guarantee a high resistance to displacement. The system’s large base area helps create safe, efficient, and uniform load transmission to the ground.
The system is delivered as a kit for on-site assembly and can be transported/positioned by a common heavy-duty forklift. It also offers the possibility of future recycling for support pads that are no longer required.
Additional options include the installation of drainage units for hydraulic filling and covers for protection against rain.
HUESKER Geosynthetic Support Pad - Fortrac Heavy Load
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