Reinforcing India’s First Vertical Expansion of a Landfill

Each year we look back at the most-popular reads on Geosynthetica to gauge trends in the field and international reader interests. It also provides us another piece to add to the geosynthetics industry’s historical record. While we find a diverse range of topics in our 2017 Top 10 (most-read) stories, we also find key connections between them.
Notably, articles on MSE reinforcement design and industry consolidation were prominent.

Geosynthetica 2017 Top 10 Articles
Paul C. Frankenberger, P.E.; Matthew M. Merritt, P.E.; and Mark Myers, P.E.’s article on “Secondary Geogrid Reinforcement in MSE Walls” was one of the most-read stories on Geosynthetica in 2017. Photo by TenCate Geosynthetics.

MSE design and performance occupied, in fact, the top three spots in the 2017 Top 10 List. On the topic of industry consolidation, three more of the ten most-read stories were about company or asset acquisitions.
NOTE: The list below is limited to articles originally published in 2017. If we open the list to articles that were first published in other years, we actually would find a fewer older stories in the 2017 Top 10 List. These stories pertain to geotechnical software, industry events (2016 – 2018), and stress cracking in geomembranes. That last article was in fact first published in 2002 and continues to be a top 10 story each year. (The article is currently being updated for a 2018 publication.)
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The titles below are listed in order of rank, beginning with the most-viewed:
FHWA Limit Equilibrium Design Framework for MSE Structures
(February 28)
MSE Wall Failures vis-à-vis the Lack of Geotechnical Filters
(July 3)
Secondary Geogrid Reinforcement in MSE Walls
(April 10)
EXCLUSIVE: Video Interview with Solmax on Acquiring GSE Environmental
(December 20)
Reinforcing India’s First Vertical Expansion of a Landfill
(June 1)
Solmax Establishes Solmax USA in Houston
(February 22)
Best Practices for Minimizing Geomembrane Wrinkling
(June 6)
Geosynthetics Apps for iPhone and Android Smartphones
(March 20)
Hanes Geo Acquires Terrafix in Geosynthetics Growth Move
(January 9)
270m-Long Reinforced Soil Structure for a South African Highway
(July 27)

Geosynthetica 2017 Top 10 Articles
Catrin Tarnowski’s article on “Best Practices for Minimizing Geomembrane Wrinkles” was the 7th most-read story in 2017. Photo by GSE Environmental, now part of Solmax.


Narrowly edged out for a Top 10 spot was “Lime-Stabilized Backfill in MSE Retaining Structures”, which was published on February 9. We mention it along with the 2017 Top 10 because it underscores just how important MSE design and performance was to Geosynthetica’s international readers during the year.


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