CQA Pyramid of Success - Geosynthetics InstallationsCQA Solutions - Geosynthetics Installation CQAIn his latest Uncontained posting, geosynthetics CQA expert Glen Toepfer writes on the ways in which project partners work together. He writes about achievement in the field as a project and CQA pyramid, with layers of support and involvement bringing projects to their highest point of success.
He writes:

When you stop and think about the advancements in the waste containment/geosynthetics industry that have occurred within the past twenty years, it is easy to get excited.  There have been substantial advancements in materials, welding equipment, and leak location technologies.  We need each other and the healthy push-pull that comes from interacting with each other to push us forward and not to the bottom.

Successful projects continually display “The Pyramid of Success.”   Each layer of the pyramid is a foundation upon which builds the next component of the pyramid – from project conception through project construction and completion.  What is done in the conception and design phase does play a major role in the constructability of the project, and directly impacts the project success.  At the ESD conference, I was able to incorporate some of the recent economic conditions that currently impact various levels of the pyramid, and I will incorporate some of those herein.

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The column outlines the primary layers of this CQA Pyramid of Success and important bullet points beneath each.

  • Owner Involvement & Accountability
  • Design and Specification
  • Materials and Equipment
  • Vendor Selection
  • Fieldwork

He writes, “We currently have all of the pieces we need to build outstanding containment systems…. At the start of every project we should ask ourselves: Will this project leave future generations marveling at our excellence or asking ‘What were they thinking?’  We chose our legacy!”


The Uncontained blog and Toepfer’s book, The Complete Field Guide to Ensuring Quality Geosynthetics Installations, detail paths to success on site, relate stories of failures, and provide vital reminders for vendor selection and retaining a high level of quality in field work.
In addition, Toepfer’s company CQA Solutions provides training for construction quality assurance professionals.
CQA Solutions has also released Supertek, a one-of-a-kind table-based geosynthetics installation documentation program that allows real-time report creation on site as geosynthetics are being installed.
Learn more at www.cqasolutions.co.
Read the “Pyramid of Success” post at Uncontained