CQA Workshop at Australian Landfill and Transfer Stations ConferenceCQA Workshop at Australian Landfill and Transfer Stations ConferenceDuring the 7th Australian Landfill and Transfer Stations Conference, a one-day CQA workshop will be held with a focus on construction quality assurance (CQA) for geosynthetic liners. These barrier systems are vital to the long-term performance and environmental security of waste management installations. The CQA conducted on site ensures that these systems go into operation in ideal condition to best achieve the project cost and environmental goals.
The conference will be held 28 – 31 March 2017 in Sydney. The CQA workshop will be held on March 28.
Global Synthetics—which is also a Platinum Sponsor for the conference—and NAUE Geosynthetics have sponsored the education.
The full program for the 7th Australian Landfill and Transfer Stations Conference is available here (PDF).


The geosynthetics CQA workshop program will “assess the current process and issues and the important parameters to be considered for an effective CQA plan, from project conception through to project construction and completion.”
This includes owner and regulator roles, accountability, design and specification considerations, equipment on site and material selection and handling, vendor qualification and selection, installation practices, third party quality assurance support, and field work and CQA testing.
The speakers bring substantial experience from around the world. They include:

  • Ian D. Peggs, P.E., President, I-CORP International (USA)
  • Richard Brachman, Queens University (Canada)
  • Kent von Maubeuge, Director Product Management & Marketing, NAUE GmbH & Co (Germany)
  • Fred Gassner, Principal, Golder Associates (Australia)
  • John Scheirs, ExcelPlas (Australia)

In its promotional copy for the CQA workshop, the conference organizers write:  “This Australian first event offers a unique opportunity to the waste industry to share their concerns and ideas about QC & QA, and hear from the international and local experts on the requirements for a successful cost effective geosynthetics CQA plan.”
Learn more about the conference and register for it and the CQA workshop online