Geosynthetica Latin America. Picture by Strata Systems.Geosynthetica Latin AmericaGeosynthetica’s publisher, Minerva, continues to expand its coverage of the international geosynthetics field. We are proud to announce the launch of Geosynthetica Latin America: This new portal delivers Spanish-language articles for Mexico and South and Central America-based readers.
The content includes original articles and translated material. Colombia-based engineer Natalia Rodado, who earned her Civil Engineering (Geotechnics) Master’s Degree in the geosynthetics-inclusive program at the Universidad de los Andes, has joined Minerva’s international editorial team.
The three editions of Geosynthetica now cover the geosynthetics field in English, Portuguese, and Spanish: continues to provide geosynthetic data from manufacturers around the world.
Minerva’s sales executive Andre Lacerda delivers business development expertise and tri-lingual support (English, Portuguese, Spanish) for geosynthetics community. He connects companies with website and newsletter advertising opportunities and marketing services (e.g., webinars, translation, collateral writing and design, etc.).
For advertising and marketing services information, contact
To submit a story to Geosynthetica Latin America, or to inquire about contributing news, projects, and company information or product data to any of Minerva’s publications, contact Chris Kelsey ( or Bruno Pedroni (


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