Geosynthetics International Best Papers Free Access Geosynthetics International Best Papers Free AccessAnnual, editor-selected “Best Of” papers from Geosynthetics International are available for free access online. Thomas Telford Ltd’s division ICE Publishing—part of the UK-based Institution of Civil Engineers—has published up to three from each calendar volume going back to 2010.
Visit the “Editor’s Choice” page on the journal’s website.
Members of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) have free digital access to Geosynthetics International, but the open sharing of these honors-earning papers is a tremendous service to the larger geosynthetics and geotechnical engineering field.
Geosynthetics International is a Top 5-rated geotechnical journal in the world (as tracked by SCImago). ICE Publishing arranges institutional subscriptions. If you have academic or professional libraries in your daily research or work which are not already subscribed, recommend to the librarians that they contact




For access to 2010 – 2013, please use the links provided on the journal’s Editor’s Choice page via ICE Publishing. Those papers are as follows:

  • Rowe, R. K., Abdelaal, F. B. & Brachman, R. W. I.
    Antioxidant depletion of HDPE geomembrane with sand protection layer
  • Tanyu, B. F., Aydilek, A. H., Lau, A. W. Edil, T. B. & Benson, C. H.
    Laboratory evaluation of geocell-reinforced gravel subbase over poor subgrades
  • Lim, S. Y. & McCartney, J. S.
    Evaluation of effect of backfill particle size on installation damage reduction factors for geogrids


  • Chappel, M. J., Rowe, R. K., Brachman, R. W. I. & Take, W. A.
    A comparison of geomembrane wrinkles for nine field cases
  • Munoz, H., Tatsuoka, F., Hirakawa, D., Nishikiori, H., Soma, R., Tateyama, M. & Watanabe, K.
    Dynamic stability of geosynthetic-reinforced soil integral bridge
  • Yee, T. W. & Lawson, C. R.
    Modelling the geotextile tube dewatering process


  • Brandl, H.
    Geosynthetics applications for the mitigation of natural disasters and for environmental protection
  • Fox, P.J., Ross, J.D., Sura, J.M. and Thiel, R.S.
    Geomembrane damage due to static and cyclic shearing over compacted gravelly sand
  • Rowe, R.K., Rayhani, M.T., Take, W.A., Siemens, G. and Brachman, R.W.I.
    GCL hydration under simulated daily thermal cycles


  • Zornberg, J. G., Bouazza, A. & McCartney, J. S.
    Geosynthetic capillary barriers: current state of knowledge
  • Kongkitkul, W., Tatsuoka, F., Hirakawa, D., Sugimoto, T., Kawahata, S. & Ito, M.
    Time histories of tensile force in geogrid arranged in two full-scale high walls
  • Mendes, M. J. A., Touze-Foltz, N., Palmeira, E. M. & Pierson, P.
    Influence of structural and material properties of GCLs on interface flow in composite liners due to geomembrane defects

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