Sobratema Summit 2017 - Geosynthetics Module

From June 7 to 9, professionals in construction, engineering, and equipment will gather in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the co-located events of BW Expo 2017, Construction Expo 2017 (International Fair of Buildings and Infrastructure Works), M & T Parts and Services 2017 (Congress of Technology and Management of Equipment for Construction and Mining), and the SOBRATEMA Summit 2017.
The multi-event gathering will draw an estimated 20,000 visitors over the three days to the trade fair, technical sessions, and networking and social activities. It will also include a strong focus on geosynthetics.
Sobratema Summit 2017 Geosynthetics ModuleGeosynthetica’s Brazil-market publication will host a Geosynthetics Pavilion in the international exhibition hall of the BW Expo. And, the SOBRATEMA Summit 2017 has added a Geosynthetics Module, coordinated by Geosynthetica with TRI Ambiental (Brazil).
We encourage readers to share these opportunities with colleagues in Brazil.


SOBRATEMA is the Brazilian Association of Technology for Construction and Mining. The organization proposes solutions for the technological development of the sector and disseminates knowledge and information through training, education events, and other formats to the Brazilian market.
More than 1000 associates and strategic partners contribute to SOBRATEMA’s success.
The entity counts on the support of more than one thousand associates and strategic partners, which encompass the main representative entities of professionals in Brazil and abroad, as well as user companies, equipment manufacturers and service providers.
Photo of Geogrid Installation on Highway, Brazil, by HUESKER
The Geosynthetics Module during Summit 2017 will be held June 8 from 14:00 – 17:15 and will include expert geotechnical engineering instruction by Dr. Vinicius Benjamim (Eng Consultoria), Dr. Julio Ferreira (TRI), and geotechnical engineer Regis Eduardo Geroto (ENGECORPS).
The geosynthetics module topics and descriptions:

  • Geosynthetics in Pavement Applications
    • The use of geosynthetic materials in the design of roads and pavements has demonstrated long-term benefits. The use of geosynthetics in pavement design provides greater durability and reduces the need for maintenance, other natural and artificial materials, and the overall carbon footprint of construction works.
  • Geosynthetic Containment Systems for Environmental Protection
    • Geosynthetic barrier systems are a critical part of environmental protection. These systems secure most modern containment facilities, such as for municipal solid waste, wastewater, agricultural waste, mine tailings, and other sensitive containment applications. The success of these systems in controlling pollution and project costs is proven. While successful results are regularly achieved, there are essential factors one must know in order to ensure strong performance.
  • Geosynthetics for Slope and Riverbank Protection
    • Sea-level rise, construction, and population growth are just a few of the man-made issues affecting coastlines and waterway quality. Erosion has increase along beaches and to riverbanks. The challenges presented by this to engineers are numerous. Geosynthetics provide a useful set of tools to address a variety of coastal and hydraulic applications. The presentation will address these tools and how to implement the different technologies in various applications.

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Time will be reserved to introduce the major topics and to close out the day with summary thoughts and discussion. A coffee break is included in the geosynthetics module.
The full Sobratema Summit 2017 schedule and registration information is available here.
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