Geosynthetica Organizing Geosynthetics Pavilion for BW Expo

BW Expo 2017By Bruno Pedroni and Chris Kelsey – When BW Expo 2017 takes place in São Paulo 7 – 9 June 2017, it will do so with a first for the 3000+ attendee show: a geosynthetics pavilion. The Brazil-market publication is organizing the pavilion, with space for six geosynthetics companies. The show focuses on sustainability in water, waste, air, and energy.
“It is a unique opportunity,” said André Lacerda, sales executive for the publication.
Companies interested in the opportunity should contact André Lacerda at For companies with colleagues in Brazil, Bruno Pedroni has published about the geosynthetics pavilion on Geosynthetica Brazil (Portuguese Language).


The exhibition at BW Expo 2017 offers a great deal of needed options for public and private entities to improve their waste management practices. Drainage and venting solutions, geosynthetic lining and capping systems, groundwater monitoring systems, solid waste handling equipment, slurry treatment machines, odor control solutions, and environmental sanitation treatment approaches are just some of the services and technologies that the thousands of attendees will seek.
The Geosynthetics Pavilion was conceived as a way to elevate geosynthetics in the conference. While geosynthetic materials are increasingly important to Brazil’s waste management sector, they have historically been absent from trade fairs like this despite being integral to so many projects. The Geosynthetics Pavilion will give six companies a prominent place in BW Expo 2017.
The event is part of a week of Integrated Technologies for Construction, Environment, and Equipment. Co-located with BW Expo 2017 will be the Construction Expo 2017 (International Fair of Buildings and Infrastructure Works), M & T Parts and Services 2017 (Congress of Technology and Management of Equipment for Construction and Mining), and Summit 2017. The overall multi-event construction and environmental engineering gathering will draw an estimated 20,000 visitors over the three days to the trade fair, technical sessions, and networking and social activities.
The Geosynthetics Pavilion will provide a large, shared exhibiting space for the six participating companies. The package includes booth construction, a television for each company showing geosynthetics ads/movies, company logos on the structure, etc. The pavilion will be publicized by BW Expo and Geosynthetica Brazil.
Participating companies will also have the option to present technical papers in the form of lectures and mini courses during the event.

BW EXPO 2017

BW Expo 2017 will also present innovations for sustainable air, water, and energy management. A major part of the conference’s success is that it is the only event that combines the four macro-sectors linked to environmental sustainability. The 2015 edition of BW Expo was supported by more than 100 companies and 3000 visitors.
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