Use of Geosynthetics in Road ConstructionTensar Geogrids in Road ConstructionOn May 24, Moscow will be the host city for the international conference “Use of Geosynthetics in Road Construction.” The event, supported by main event partner Tensar and with additional support from the STARCO Company, will be held at the Hilton Leningradskaya Hotel.
The organizers report that discussion will focus on:

  • Geosynthetics quality management
  • Effective use of geosynthetic materials in engineering
  • Construction and renovation of roads in the framework of Russia’s state regulations

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Conference speakers and delegates will include Rosavtodor, CEN, GK Avtodor, Research and Development Institute of transport construction complex, Siberian state automobile and highway Academy (SibADI), Regional certification center (OPYTNOE), Testing center VNIIGIS, Institute Stroyproekt, Soyuzdorproekt Institute for the design and survey of highways, Belgiprodor, VTM dorproekt, ABZ – Dorstroy, Novosibirskavtodor, Avtodor-Engineering, Glavnaya doroga, the state road agency Kalugadorzakazchik, Administration of civil airports, Federal Road Agency «Volgo-Vyatskuptavtodor», State road transport control authority of Belgorodskaya oblast, Tensar, Miakom, Pinema, Vtor-Kom, SETTKA, the R&D company Promkompozit, SV-Service, Ultrastab, Dorstroymaterialy, TechPolymer, THRACE NG and many others.
The program includes more than 25 presentations.


Among key topics of the conference:

  • Development of technical regulations designed for geosynthetics production and use in road construction
  • Relevant test methods and harmonized approach to facilitate the use of European and International standards of geosynthetics
  • Use of geosynthetics for improvement of ground reinforced embankments on road junction near the entry point to Maykop Republic of Adygeya
  • Major engineering solution using geosynthetics for construction of Odintsovo north bypass toll road
  • Application of geosynthetic materials for road ways with weak soil and asphalt pavement
  • Analysis of application of geosynthetics for reinforcing embankments of roads
  • Experience in the use of geosynthetic materials in Novosibirsk oblast. Drainage geocomposites for road drainage design.
  • Use of stressed geogrid in road construction
  • Volgo-Vyatskupravtodor design solutions for road construction in Volga-Vyatka region with the use of geosynthetic materials

A lot of attention will be given to development of quality management and testing of geosynthetic materials. Participants and experts will discuss following questions in the framework of special sessions:

  • Geosynthetics: construction compliance monitoring
  • Interaction between customers and contractors in estimation of geosynthetic materials test results
  • Differences in systems for quality control of geosynthetics utilized by Russian foreign producers depending on equipment and production technologies
  • Modern equipment for geosynthetic material testing
  • Cost value of geosynthetic material testing
  • Prospects of independent geosynthetic research and testing centers

A room block with special pricing has been arranged for event attendees at the Hilton Leningradskaya Hotel.  For registration and more information, contact Irina Zabalueva, +7(495) 775-07-40 or e-mail