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Patricia Stelter
Marketing Manager
Presto Geosystems
670 N. Perkins St.
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Appleton, WI 54912-2399, USA

E-mail: patricia.stelter@prestogeo.com
Phone: +1 800 548 3424
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Presto Geosystems

PRESTO GEOSYSTEMS® is recognized as the global leader in the design and supply of sustainable, engineered solutions that meet the requirements of the most demanding soil and water problems within the civil and landscape markets. Presto’s solutions reduce overall project costs and offer high environmental benefit with low environmental impact.  The original inventor of 3D HDPE geocells, Presto Geosystems also leads the industry in integral design and construction accessories to offer the most complete solution.  Value services include free project evaluationSPECMaker® specification tool, and site support.   www.prestogeo.com

Key application sectors include:

  • Infrastructure and site construction
  • Airports, Dams & Landfills
  • Landscape and green building
  • Energy: Mining, Oil and Gas & Wind Energy
  • Roads & Highways
  • Railroad & Intermodal/Ports
  • Stormwater and Wastewater

Products and Services

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GEOWEB® Geocells Cellular Confinement

Construct roads over soft soils, build naturally-vegetated retaining walls, stabilize steepened embankments, channels and shorelines, and protect geomembranes. Presto’s GEOWEB® geocells offer complete engineered solutions to challenging soil stability problems in key applications: base reinforcement, permeable unpaved roads, slope erosion control, channel protection, and vegetated retaining walls. Free project evaluation service offered.

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GEOBLOCK® Grass Pavers

Design strong porous pavements with Presto’s GEOBLOCK® grass pavers to support H-20 loadings and deliver desirable, drivable green space for occasional traffic. Reduce costs associated with impervious pavements by infiltrating stormwater on-site and reducing runoff. With exceptional load distribution and resistance to torsional loading stresses, an optimal growing medium, and minimal base requirements, Presto’s GEOBLOCK® rigid grass pavers are the ultimate protection system for emergency/utility lanes, overflow parking, trails/walkways and other vehicle or pedestrian traffic areas. Two sizes most economically address loading and frequency requirements. Low environmental impact benefits help you meet LEED® credits and green building goals.

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GEOPAVE® Aggregate Pavers

Design permeable pavements that infiltrate stormwater at its source. Presto’s GEOPAVE® aggregate pavers are specifically designed for confining and stabilizing open-graded aggregate for permeable vehicle and pedestrian traffic areas. This evolution in porous pavements stabilizes porous infill materials while acting as a natural on-site stormwater retention system. GeoPave gravel pavers hold aggregate in place through a unique herringbone cell pattern and monolithic mesh bottom. Low environmental impact benefits help you meet LEED® credits and green building goals.

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GEOTERRA® Construction Mats

Presto’s GEOTERRA® construction mats offer contractors a safer, faster way to access sites with less cost. GEOTERRA mats support vehicle and equipment loads and allow easy access over sand and soft ground. The durable mats eliminate the safety hazards and expense associated with timber or heavy composite mats–and offer a low life-cycle cost through their ability to be disassembled, removed and reused several times. GEOTERRA mats are fast to deploy for access into remote locations, roads and platforms for oil and gas, mining, and wind energy sites. Two styles available to meet budget and loading requirements.

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GEORUNNER® Scour Protection Mats

Presto GEORUNNER® Mats protect embankments and channels from scour in areas of concentrated flows or water fluctuations. The mats are flexible and economical–ideal for protecting channel embankments, shorelines, culvert outfalls and areas exposed to concentrated flows.


GEORUNNER® Landscape Mats

Presto GEORUNNER® Mats protect turf from light-weight construction vehicles and equipment. They are portable, economical and weather-resistant–and more durable and reusable than plywood. The light-weight (8 lbs), easy-to-handle size makes them ideally-suited for transporting to construction sites.



Presto ATRA® Connection Key is part of the complete GEOWB geocell solution. The turn-key device is 3X stronger and 3X faster to install than stapling, requires only one worker—and ensures a secure and longer-term load-transfer on at each GEOWEB connection point.

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ATRA® Clips & Anchors

Presto’ ATRA Clips & Anchors are part of the complete GEOWB geocell solution. High-strength ATRA® Clips are used with rebar to form GEOWEB anchors—easier and faster to drive anchors than J-hooks. Presto’s ATRA Speed Stakes are a one-piece molded, polymer, corrosion-resistant fast and efficient anchor that resists sliding and uplift forces.

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ATRA® Tendon Clip

Presto ATRA® Tendon Clip and tendons are part of the complete GEOWB geocell solution. ATRA Tendon Clips are the industry’s strongest tendon load transfer device with 2X the pull-through strength of any other device for tendon anchorage. The turn-and-lock design ensures a secure connection with the GEOWEB cell wall and allows pre-assembling off-slope.


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