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Strata Systems

Strata Systems Corporate Office 
1831 North Park Avenue 
Glen Raven, NC 27217-1100 USA

Phone: +1 800.680.7750
Fax: +1 336.226.8133

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Strata Systems

Strata Systems Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of a variety of soil reinforcement products. Customer service and support are an integral part of our business, allowing us to be more than just a manufacturer. Our resources can assist throughout the process to provide the best solutions for your soil challenges. Strata’s focus on innovation and technology has allowed us to become a leader in the soil reinforcement industry. Our team includes a full research and development department that works to develop products to push the boundaries of what is possible to solve even the toughest challenges.

Strata meets the following governmental approvals and testing procedures:

  • Geosynthetic Accreditation Institute (GAI)
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified in manufacturing
  • ISO certified in management
  • CE marking
  • Numerous DOT approvals and NTPEP listing

Key brands and systems include StrataGrid, StrataGRS, StrataBase,  StrataWeb, StrataTex, StrataDrain, Sleeve-It, StrataSlope, and Strata Embankment. Strata also offers StrataPro design software.

GeoAmericas 2020 Online Details

Products and Services


Sleeve-It® SD-1 is a pre-engineered fence post anchoring solution for enhancing below-grade foundational stability in fences placed on top of a segmental retaining wall (SRW). Sleeve-It’s patent-pending design allows stable fence footings to be integrated into the support structure of the SRW while it is being constructed.


StrataDrain® is composed of high flow, geonet-geotextile drainage composites manufactured with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geonet and polypropylene nonwoven fabric bonded to one or both sides.

Strata Systems geosynthetics reinforce soils in a wide variety of applications, including retaining walls, reinforced steep slopes, highway and rail embankments, landslide repairs, landfills, dams, levees, temporary walls, and other applications.


Stratagrid® is a precision knitted geogrid that offers superior junction strength and a high coefficient of soil interaction. Stratagrid® is made with high molecular weight and high tenacity polyester yarns and knitted into a dimensionally stable network of apertures providing tensile reinforcement both machine- and cross-directionally. A proprietary UV-stabilized saturated coating is then applied to Stratagrid®, further strengthening the geogrid. Stratagrid®’s coating process exposes the polyester fiber to much lower temperatures than other coated geosynthetics, thereby minimizing fiber degradation. Stratagrid® is also available with a smaller aperture size as Microgrid® and is used a secondary reinforcement method in steep slopes and as slope facing reinforcement.

Strata SystemsSleeve-It™ is the pre-engineered solution for building fence-ready, code compliant retaining walls. Fence and handrails installed in the Sleeve-It™ system directly behind the wall unit will meet the International Building Code requirements. The Sleeve-It™ system uses a cantilever design to engage the overlying soil mass, providing resistance to the fence load. For the past twenty years installing fence directly behind a segmental retaining wall has been problematic. Today, Sleeve-It™ has the solution. The Sleeve-It™ system provides both ease of installation and structural integrity that is code compliant.

StrataDrainStrataDrain™ is a high flow, fusion-bonded, geonet/geotextile drainage composite which aids in the drainage of many soil and foundation reinforcement applications. StrataDrain™ can be used as a wick drain in embankments, an underdrain in foundations, an inceptor drain in slopes and as a wall drain for both foundation and retaining walls.

The strength and uniformity of the fusion bond between StrataDrain™’s layers makes them highly resistant to layer separation. StrataDrain™ has excellent hydraulic performance and minimizes a project’s potential for failure planes, caused by the fabric portion of the composite sliding on the drainage core.

GeoAmericas 2020 Online Details
GeoAmericas 2020 Online Details
GeoAmericas 2020 Online Details
GeoAmericas 2020 Online Details
GeoAmericas 2020 Online Details


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GeoAmericas 2020 Online Details
GeoAmericas 2020 Online Details
GeoAmericas 2020 Online Details
GeoAmericas 2020 Online Details