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TRI Environmental

Sam Allen
Vice President & Division Manager
TRI/Environmental, Inc. (TRI) 
9063 Bee Caves Rd.
Austin, TX 78733, USA

E-mail: sallen@tri-env.com 
Phone: +1 512 263 2101
Fax: +1 512 263 2558

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TRI Environmental

TRI Environmental, Inc. (TRI) is an independent, third party, geosynthetics firm which provides testing and research services to the international community. TRI provides laboratory conformance/verification testing as well as performance related studies. TRI is the first laboratory in the world to be accredited by the Geosynthetics Accreditation Institute and is distinguished as having the most extensive list of accredited tests. In addition to routine testing in accordance with ASTM, ISO, BS, DIN and GRI test methods, TRI provides interface friction, permeability, creep and stress-rupture, transmissivity, gradient ratio, UV-resistance, chemical resistance, carbonyl end group, viscosity, and accelerated time-temperature testing. TRI Environmental‘s staff are active throughout the world’s standards development organizations and routinely provide short courses, seminars and tailor-made training services to those learning about geosynthetics.

TRI earned a superior reputation as an internationally acclaimed, highest quality testing and research facility. TRI’s geosynthetics laboratories and governing quality assurance system are accredited by the Geosynthetics Accreditation Institute (GAI). TRI is proud to be the first testing laboratory to achieve this accreditation, and is currently distinguished as holding the most comprehensive (91 tests) accreditation among commercial testing laboratories. Our accreditation documentation may be e-mailed upon request and independently verified by visiting the GAI home page at www.geosynthetic-institute.org.

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