GeoU 2020 combines expert geosynthetics instruction with exceptional networking. The dynamic community of attendees includes leading practitioners, companies, and agencies in waste management, environmental engineering, and reinforcement design and construction. NOTE: Save $100 on registration through September 18.


What makes GeoU 2020 different from so many other events? Foremost, it is centered around four core concurrent short courses rather than technical sessions (topics noted below in Point #5).


Here are five key points that highlight how the gathering has been tailored to enhance professional value for you.

  1. Deep Dives into High-Value Engineering Sectors

Geosynthetic-lined facility CQA, landfill sustainability, reinforced soil structures, and stormwater controls are all sectors of infrastructure experiencing real advances. They are all also in growing demand. GeoU’s intense, co-located short courses will provide exceptional knowledge to strengthen private practice revenue streams.

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  1. “Study Hard, Play Hard”

The short course program will bring high-level, complementary expert peers into the same venue. While these professionals may find themselves in separate courses during the day, GeoU 2020 brings everyone back together each evening for networking. Check out the opportunities.

  1. Certifications Available for Each Core Course

The four concurrent short courses on November 17 and 18 each offer a certification opportunity on the morning of November 19. Three of the four courses have the optional certification included. The CQA course, meanwhile, serves as ideal preparation for the GCI-ICP certification, which requires additional registration with the Geosynthetic Institute. See details at

  1. Truly Affordable ROI

These classes have historically been more expensive when offered on their own. With GeoU 2020 reserving a hotel and co-locating multiple courses, significant savings have been realized for attendees. Save $100 on individual registrations through September 18! Save even more when registering more than one person per class. Register online.

1. Access to World-Class Instructors

Michael Bernardi, P.E.; Jorge Zornberg, P.E., Mark Sieracke, P.E.; Ashley MacMillan, P.E.; Dr. Erol Tutumluer; international engineer Markus Wilke; Dr. George Koerner, P.E.; Abigail Gilson, P.E.; Joel Sprague, P.E.; Dr. Jeffrey Kuhn, P.E.; Sam Allen; and Jacque Dettman.


Sonesta Bee Cave Austin Hotel
16 – 19 November 2020
Austin, Texas


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