Two empty railway tracks under a blue sky, through nature. German railroad lines with a diminishing perspective. No traffic. By YesPhotographers via Shutterstock license.

Start the week with the latest in the geoengineering world. Here’s the GeoWire conversation for the week of September 21. WORK SMARTER.


It’s Climate Week in New York! [Climate Week NYC]

European oil and gas companies have broadened their businesses with significant investments in renewables. American companies, conversely, have doubled down on fossil fuels. [NY Times]

Germany, meanwhile, seems to be playing a double game. It has announced a coal-exit plan (by 2038), but simultaneously is undercutting green initiatives with fairly significant investments in coal and natural gas. [Energy Transition]

Recommended: Engineering with Nature from US Army Corps and its many partners in the field. [Geosynthetica]

Is altering the earth’s geophysical environment (geoengineering) the only way to undo climate damage? This is certainly a dramatic idea. [WIRED]


When has an HDPE geomembrane reached its end of life? A pre-defined date? When testing reveals a predefined loss of properties? Only when failure occurs? The Berlin 2 Workshop sought to answer that. [Geosynthetica]

Big topics & big names have been confirmed for the GeoAmericas 2020 Online keynotes [Geosynthetica]

Jorge Zornberg on Siamak’s Geosynthetics Podcast [Geosynthetica]

Online learning opportunities in geosynthetics [Geosynthetica]


New equipment to help identify extraterrestrial biosignatures in soil from other planets [MSN]

What Kenya can teach its neighbors — and the US — about improving the lives of the “unbanked” [Vox]


Don’t be THIS company when it comes to work at home performance evaluation [Inc.]

Security news: Major Bluetooth flaw reveals vulnerabilities on many devices [WIRED]

Not trying to move product, but just saying: the blood oxygen meter on the Apple Watch Series 6 is cool. (Of course, it likely works no better than my $19 pulse-ox device.) [Apple]


Is VR the Future of Corporate Training? [HBR]

9 Easy Ways to Set Boundaries at Work to Improve Your Life [Fast Company]

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