Photo of Graphene-Enhanced Geotextile Installation. Photo by Geofabrics Australasia.

In a short statement, graphene producer and materials developer Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd., has announced that Pacific American Coal Ltd (PAK) has sold its 30% stake in Imagine IM to a new investment group. The investors include Chris Gilbey, Imagine’s CEO and one of the most vocal supporters for graphene-enhanced materials.

Photo of Graphene-Enhanced Geotextile Installation. Photo by Geofabrics Australasia.
Photo of graphene-enhanced geotextile installation. From Geofabrics Australasia.

Imagine IM is one of the co-organizers of the Internet of Smart Materials Conference, which takes place August 17 in Australia and which will feature a profile of how graphene-enhanced geotextiles have been established in the marketplace by Geofabrics Australasia.
The conference arrives almost exactly a year from the first trial installation of graphene-enhanced geotextiles. Significant installation has followed, such as utilization at a coal seam gas site. There, Graphene-enhanced geotextiles allow pit and pond lining system integrity to be verified quickly and to a high degree. This keeps sites in environmental compliance and establishes optimal performance for the CSG site.
The new investment group arrives at a good time with interest in graphene growing and future markets, such as infrastructure improvement, taking shape.


“I appreciate the tremendous support that the Company has had from PAK since its investment,” says Gilbey in the company’s investor notification release. “Imagine IM will continue to develop graphene-based coatings and compounds that enable ‘smart’ textiles and fibres to be manufactured for high volume industrial applications such as geotextiles.”
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  • Coal Seam Gas Site Uses Graphene-Enhanced Geotextiles – A coal seam gas facility in Australia has become the site of the world’s second commercial-scale use of graphene-enhanced geotextiles. The product utilizes Imagine Intelligent Materials’ imgne® X3 coating, which is applied to Geofabrics Australasia’s bidim C geotextile….
  • Successful Field Trial for Graphene-Enhanced Geotextiles – The first field trial in Australia for conductive geotextiles enhanced with graphene have been a success, Imagine IM reports. The company, which built Australia’s first commercial scale graphene production plant this year, has worked with Australia’s largest geosynthetics manufacturer (Geofabrics Australasia) to create this new type of geotextile.

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