Photo of Graphene-Enhanced Geotextile Installation. Photo by Geofabrics Australasia.

Australia-based Imagine Intelligent Materials has quickly scaled up production of its innovative imgne® X3 coating. The product has enabled the manufacture of the world’s first graphene-enhanced geotextiles, which are currently being manufactured by Geofabrics Australasia. Now, an agreement between Imagine IM and Haydale Technologies Inc. will bring this manufacturing potential to North America.

Photo of Graphene-Enhanced Geotextile Installation. Photo by Geofabrics Australasia.
Photo of graphene-enhanced geotextile installation. From Geofabrics Australasia.

Haydale has signed a Letter of Intent which will give it an exclusive license to Imagine IM’s “Plant In A Box” graphene processing technology. The strategic agreement also includes an order for a quantity of Imgne X3 that will be sufficient to enable 50,000m2 of conductive geotextile to be manufactured.
Haydale Technologies is based in Greer, South Carolina, giving it direct access to the most active geotextile manufacturing region in the United States.


Graphene has tremendous potential in advancing a number of industries’ materials, but it isn’t all theoretical. Graphene-enhanced materials are actively in the marketplace and showing strong results.
Earlier in 2017, a major coal seam gas facility in Australia became the site of the world’s second commercial-scale use of graphene-enhanced geotextiles. The product utilizes Imagine IM’s imgne® X3 coating, which is applied to Geofabrics Australasia’s bidim C geotextile.
The Queensland CSG operation installed 10,000 m2 of the graphene-enhanced geotextile, which enables the detection of holes in a lining system as small as 0.7 mm (using standard electrical leak location methodologies).
Following that project’s installation, Imagine IM reported that orders for additional graphene-enhanced geotextiles stood at another 100,000 m2 of material. More orders have come in since that June announcement.
With North America-based production on the near horizon, graphene-enhanced geosynthetics have quickly established their place in the market.
In a release about the Imagine IM – Haydale agreement, Chris Gilbey, CEO of Imagine IM, said, “Combining Imagine IM’s proven graphene manufacturing processes with Haydale’s advanced materials manufacturing expertise will be a significant step toward delivering disruptive graphene-based coatings solutions into the North American market. It comes on the back of successful product installations in Australia and a full order book for product to our licensee Geofabrics Australasia, the leading textile manufacturer in Australia.”
Ray Gibbs, CEO of Haydale Graphene Industries PLC, added that, “This partnership builds on our existing nano dispersion know-how and patented material doping technology  and now extends our graphene footprint in the US. It also gives Haydale direct access to the world’s largest market for coated geosynthetics.”
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