Huesker Coal Ash WebinarHUESKER launched a series of “mini-webinars” this year, succinct (<30 min) engineering discussions on various geosynthetic applications and materials. January’s coal ash webinar was so well-attended that the company has announced an additional date for the live session: March 2 at 2:00 pm EST.
These sessions are free to attend but require registration.
Lilma Schimmel, HUESKER’s Head of Engineering, will detail the requirements of and benefits to geosynthetics in coal ash management and site controls.
The session will outline the basic storage compliance requirements with coal combustion residuals (CCRs), including new cell construction and closing old cells and the types of geosynthetics used in these barrier designs. These materials serve to provide capping needs, control of contaminants, dewatering of excavated materials, stabilization of very soft slurry for access roads, innovative transfer of vertical loads through soft material to competent layers, and much more. Their functions are containment, drainage, reinforcement, soil separation, cushioning, protection, and erosion control.
In its most recent newsletter, HUESKER wrote:
“Research indicates the EPA insists ‘all CCR surface impoundments be designed, constructed, operated, and maintained with adequate slope protection.’ While the ruling provides broad statements including ‘other slope protection…would also be considered adequate,’ HUESKER knows the electric power generating industry doesn’t seek “adequate” in any venture. … [They seek] more long-term sustainable solutions for a wide range of geosynthetic applications including, but not limited to, slope protection, impoundment closure, soil reinforcement and dewatering.”
With coal ash and geosynthetics, there are many options to economize systems without sacrificing safety and to meet the individual needs of a particular site without paying a site-specific premium.
Just as the municipal solid waste industry has developed a strong relationship with geosynthetics and achieved remarkable, repeatable performance and durability, so too can coal ash.
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