HUESKER - Sports Facility Soil Reinforcement
Geogrid reinforcement has been used within and around the luge facility in Sochi. HUESKER Fortrac® geogrids and Fortrac 3D® have been used for reinforcement and erosion control on the slopes.

HUESKER congratulates German lugers on their winning four gold medals in Russia! Fortrac® geogrids were used to reinforce the site of the luge and bobsleigh track in the Russian region of Krasnaya near Sochi. Access roads and grandstands were built on geosynthetic-reinforced soil (GRS) incorporating Fortrac® geogrids. The geogrids were also installed in embankments built to protect against wind and rockfall. The particular challenge here was to guarantee the safety of the construction even under the action of strong earthquakes, which had been taken into account in the structural design.
Various HUESKER products were used in this project: GRS systems with Fortrac® geogrids now stabilize slopes and retaining walls, while 3D-type Fortrac® geogrids help to protect slopes against erosion. Further advantages of Fortrac 3D® include the strong interlock between geogrid and subsoil – which is enhanced by natural vegetation growth, e.g. grass and plants – and the visual integration of the slopes in the surrounding environment.
In total, 160,000 m² of Fortrac® geogrids were installed along the luge run over a period of about two years. They will ensure that the sports facility has a long service life and will serve as a venue for many future competitions.
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Reinforcement of the access routes (steps in this case) using Fortrac® geogrids as well as erosion protection for slope with Fortrac 3D®. Stone-filled gabions were also used for the grandstands.

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