Huesker, Management Structure
From HUESKER inc. – As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of geosynthetics, agricultural and industrial textiles, HUESKER, Inc. keeps their finger on the pulse of geotextiles and geosynthetics research. Sven Schröer, CEO says, “Market research indicates a projected growth in the Geosynthetics market of over 8.9% by 2017. With the North American geosynthetic demand for geotextiles growing, HUESKER has to respond to ensure continued improvement in customer orientation, reaction times and HUESKER’s product and service portfolio. Our trade partners, distribution friends and end-users have come to appreciate the service we provide and with an increase in current sales at HUESKER coupled with market projections, we are hiring several new team members to ensure our trade partners and customers continue to experience the business and engineering technology know-how they have become accustom to over the years.”
HUESKER adds the following team members to continue the great service, technical know-how, new ideas, innovation and engineering excellence to their trade partners and customers:
Mr. Josh Venters, recently joined HUESKER as the Regional Manager for the Pacific Northwest and western Canada.  Josh will be responsible for selling the entire HUESKER product line minus Minegrid® and Canal3®. Josh will be based in Seattle and will be covering Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Hawaii, Idaho and western Canada. He has a BS in Geological Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO. He is a licensed Geologist and has worked as a Geological Engineer at a private consultant for six (6) years. He was recently the Northwest Region Manager at TenCate for the last ten (10) years. He has extensive experience in working with MSE structures, roadway and railway design, landslide repair and mitigation, groundwater modeling and exploration, and trenchless technology. We encourage you to connect with Josh and get to know our new team member.
Contact: Josh Venters P.G.,
Northwest Region Manager
Tel: +1 425-891-4447
Cell: +1 704-778-0189
Mr. Mike Samueloff will be joining HUESKER June 1, 2015. Mike will be the HaTelit® North America Market Manager and will be based out of the Detroit, Michigan area. Mike will focus his efforts on working with our Department of Transportation partners. He is actively involved in ASCE, ASTM & GMA as well as other industry trade organizations. He will also provide technical assistance to our customers and Team members as it relates to pavement restoration and the use of HaTelit®. Mike has a BS degree in Civil Engineering and Master’s in Administration. He recently worked at TenCate for six (6) years as an Engineer – Pavement Restorations, Americas. He has also worked at Owens Corning for six (6) years as a Business Development Manager/Product Engineer. If you want to learn more about Mike, read his published paper on the “Use of Warm Mix Asphalt and Paving Fabric Interlayer Systems” or ask him about his paving patent invention records. We encourage you to connect with Mike and get to know our new team member.
Contact: Mike Samueloff,
HaTelit® Product Manager – North America
Tel: +1 425-868-1314
Cell: +1 704-724-1091
Mr. Kevin Morgan recently joined HUESKER as an Applications Engineer in their Charlotte headquarters. He will continue the great HUESKER innovation for the North American geotextile tubes business. His will also provide great technical support and implementation assistance to sales managers and customer and trade partners. Kevin has his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at Georgia Southern University. In the following year he achieved his Master of Science in Applied Engineering degree program at the same school, focusing on geotextile tubes applications. More recently he worked as a staff engineer at Nova Engineering and Environmental. We encourage you to connect with Kevin and get to know our new team member.
Contact: Kevin Morgan,
Applications Engineer
Tel: +1 704-927-7916
Cell: +1 704-526-8050