HUESKER Releases Mining Brochure at Mining Indaba

When the Investing in African Mining Indaba conference convenes in Cape Town, South Africa 8 – 11 February 2016, geosynthetics manufacturer and engineering services provider HUESKER will be on hand. The company will also unveil a new mining brochure at the Mining Indaba™ show.

The event is an annual gathering with a considerable focus on raising and controlling capital costs in mine development and operation.

That focus provides a strong tie-in for geosynthetics, which are typically used to improve the economics of service lives of infrastructure. For the mining sector, geosynthetics have become indispensable for cost control, making some applications possible, and environmental performance.

Geosynthetics are utilized for many mine-related applications, including the capping of sludge lagoons; geogrid reinforcement of retaining structures, dam walls, and access roads; and lining of tailings storage cells and other impoundments (e.g., water management).

Essentially, all types of geosynthetics can be applied in mining, with the materials performing separation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection, sealing and erosion control functions.

HUESKER manufacturers and supports this wide range of geosynthetic materials. The company’s new publication is titled “Geosynthetic Ingenuity in Mining” and provides more detailed information on how these materials are used in the sector.

HUESKER invites Mining Indaba 2016 attendees to join them at Booth #1228 to learn more about geosynthetic solutions in mining applications and to be the first to receive this fully updated geosynthetic engineering material.

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Learn more about HUESKER’s mining-related engineering and geosynthetics.


Mining Indaba™ facts:

  • 20+ years of events
  • 7,000+ professionals attend this internationally-diverse and influential conference
  • An average 100 countries and territories across six continents represented annually
  • 45 African and non-African government delegations
  • 2,300 international companies
  • 400 sponsoring companies, many from the world’s largest mining companies
  • BILLIONS OF US DOLLARS of foreign investment have been channeled into the African mining value chain throughout the last 19 years Mining Indaba events.
  • 5,000 direct and indirect jobs have been created as a result of the Mining Indaba (2007 – 2015)
  • 20,000 hotel room nights sold across 40 accommodations sites in the immediate cape area

Learn more at the event website.