HUESKER's growth in geosynthetics in the mining sector

HUESKER's growth in geosynthetics in the mining sector
Randy Orchard (left) and Mike Nelson (right) are part of HUESKER’s expansion in mining.

HUESKER's growth in geosynthetics in the mining sector
The Minegrid® product line has been used extensively in longwall mining.

For more than 20 years, HUESKER has been involved in the mining sector. Recently, however, the company has felt that the market for geosynthetics in mining has not been as well tended as other sectors by the geosynthetics field as a whole.
“The mining industry is being underserved,” says HUESKER CEO Sven Schröer. “[We want to] provide the mining industry, their trade partners, distribution friends, and end-users with the same service we provide other market segments.”
Mining is an enormous market. Within the last few years, significantly more attention has been given to research on barrier systems in mining applications and some have calculated that up to 40% of the annual global production of geomembranes are being used in the mining sector. But geomembranes are only a piece of the puzzle.
Many other geosynthetics and applications are required, such as geogrids for access road stability, geotextiles for cushioning and protection, and drainage composites for fluid and gas management.
HUESKER manufacturers a full suite of products for mining.
The company’s Minegrid®, for example, is a leading product utilized in longwall recovery systems, rib, and highwall support. And it manufacturers GCLs, geogrids, dewatering technologies, and numerous other products that support more efficient, profitable, and sustainable mining.


“It is essential HUESKER proactively employ a team of specialized mining experts to help the mining industry solve problems,” says Tom Bailey, Mining Market Manager for the company. “HUESKER already has the product portfolio necessary to ensure the quality and performance the mining industry expects and now we have the team of experts to better execute their needs.”
In supporting its continued growth in the mining sector, the company announced the additions of Mike Nelson and Randy Orchard.
Nelson (+1 704 491 6931,, based in Pennsylvania, will focus primarily on quarries and mines in the Upper Appalachian, Ohio River, and the Illinois Basin. He brings more than a decade of experience in these markets.
Orchard ( will serve mainly in operations management out of Shelby, North Carolina. His extensive background in manufacturing and quality control will benefit the mining sector growth through ensuring HUESKER’s high-quality materials processes serve the mining industry’s unique needs with the same attention granted to other markets.


The company also has announced a partnership with Frank Pace, P.E., CPESC, Principal of Pace Consulting Group. Pace, based in Kansas City, Missouri, brings 25 years’ experience in geosynthetic and erosion control design, project management, construction, and sales. He will represent HUESKER, Inc. in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  He will also support HUESKER’s existing distribution partners in these states.
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