I-CORP recently performed a a combined wading and water lance leak location survey on a double geomembrane liner separated by a geonet/single geotextile composite. The flat floor of the facility was surrounded by 45 ft long 1:1 slopes with a 6 ft concrete wall at the top. Normally it would only be guaranteed to find leaks where the leak detection system could be backfilled with water to provide a conductive medium from a leak to the location of the current return electrode. However, in this case the geotextile of the composite was a Sensom conductive geotextile – a PP nonwoven with high carbon black content. It provided a much-better-than-expected conductive layer, clearly requiring no added water in the LDS. However, there may have been some condensation from construction water in the LDS contributing to the conductivity. The current return electrode was simply clamped to the geotextile at the periphery of the facility.