IECA Region One

IECA Region OneThe International Erosion Control Association (IECA Region One) offers a wide range of webinar education opportunities. These programs focus on a diverse range of applications, industries and products. Multiple courses, for example, touch upon erosion and sediment control angles in the oil and gas industry (May 7, May 21, June 18).
On August 20, a Spanish-language session on RUSLE tools for evaluating and planning erosion and sediment control project.
A list of upcoming sessions with links to more information follows:

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Abstracts for presentation/paper consideration at IECA Region One’s Environmental Connection 2015 conference must be submitted by 30 May 2014.  Hot topics include:

  • Establishing vegetation in nutrient-sensitive watersheds
  • Vegetation selection for streambank stabilization or wetland restoration
  • Sampling and analysis requirements and procedures
  • Natural Soil Enhancement for establishment of vegetative cover
  • Transition from vegetation to hardscape for utilities, bridges, and waterways
  • RAPPS for Oil & Gas construction activities
  • Channel Lining BMP installations-vegetative to hard armor
  • Low tech BMP’s for storm water management
  • Subsurface investigations for E & SC purposes
  • Determining effectiveness of BMPs Using RUSLE2

Environmental Connection 2015 will be held 15 – 18 February 2015 in Portland, Oregon.