IECA Region One

IECA on LocationDenver, Colo. – The International Erosion Control Association Region One (IECA) announces IECA on Location, a revamped educational service offered to those who desire to have course(s) conducted at their business site.
IECA on Location is a customizable educational program created by IECA Faculty and delivered live at the customer’s site. It is the goal of IECA Education to meet the needs and goals of businesses by providing state specific content ensuring compliance with regulations in a given area. IECA Faculty are highly-trained educators, who are experts in specific fields of Erosion, Sediment Control, Stormwater Management, Surface Water Restoration, and MS4 Management. They have years of classroom experience and have served IECA for many years as our premiere educators.
“IECA on Location is an affordable solution for those concerned about expenses, normally associated with conference attendance,” says Jimmy Eanes, IECA’s Education Director.
“Our faculty will modify existing training courses, or customize their material, to meet the needs of your organization. Bringing education to you will not only save money, but will educate more of your employees, which is a win-win for everyone. You even select the time and date of the training so it fits your company’s schedule,” he concludes.
The fee for most IECA on Location courses is $2,000 for full-day courses and $1,500 for half-day courses. For more information about IECA on Location, visit
IECA members chose to accept the following bylaw changes:
5.4: Term of Office. Each Director shall hold office for a term of three years and serve no more than three consecutive terms. Any appointed Director may complete their initial appointment while qualifying to serve three additional consecutive terms. Three Directors shall be elected each year.
About IECA
Founded in 1972, the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) is a non-profit organization devoted to serving as the premier global resource for the prevention and control of erosion and sediment related problems. IECA is the world’s oldest and largest association devoted to helping members’ solve erosion and sediment control problems. To sustain its mission, IECA hosts an annual conference for industry professionals, which includes continuing education on the latest technologies and findings, and the industry’s largest exhibit of related materials, products and equipment. In 2012, IECA formed Region One and Region Two. Region One consists of North America, South America and Europe; Region Two consisting of Africa, Asia and Australia. For more information about IECA, please visit their website at