IGS North America - New ManagementThe International Geosynthetics Society’s joint US-Canada chapter, IGS North America, has announced some significant organizational changes. David Suits, who has served as the Executive Director for the chapter over the past 11 years, is stepping aside. A new Board-appointed Secretary and an outside management company will help steer IGS North America (IGS – NA) on its next phase of growth.
The chapter previously operated under the name the North American Geosynthetics Society (NAGS). The rebranded identity, IGS North America, was confirmed by a vote of the membership in early 2016.
An October 28 letter from John Henderson (President – IGS North America) announced that Ranjiv Gupta (Geosyntec) had been appointed as the chapter’s Secretary.
“Ranjiv will join Richard Brachman – President Elect, John McCartney – Treasurer, and myself as the Officers of IGS North America,” Henderson wrote.


Henderson also announced the selection of the outside administration services company: Minerva – Technology, Resources & Information, Inc. The agreement was noted as effective 1 November 2016. Minerva is a Florida-based events and association management company. It also manages the global International Geosynthetics Society (IGS), of which IGS North America is a chapter.
Minerva also managed IGS North America’s hosting of GeoAmericas 2016, a quadrennial Pan-American geosynthetics conference. It was held in April 2016 in Miami. The proceedings from that event are available for purchase through the event website.
In addition to its management services, Minerva has a publishing division. Geosynthetica.net, Geosynthetica.net.br, Geosynthetica.com.es, and GeosIndex.com are all properties of that division.


Many things are changing for IGS North America. After the success of its April event and the chapter’s official rebranding, its leadership has been busy updating its website, planning educational webinars (such as the October 26 jointly organized MSE walls session with the National Concrete Masonry Association), and preparing for 2017 membership growth initiatives and board nominations for 2017 – 2019.
Learn more about IGS North America at www.igs-na.org.
Learn more about the International Geosynthetics Society at www.geosyntheticssociety.org.