IGS UK Chapter New WebsiteThe International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) United Kingdom chapter (IGS UK) has unveiled a new website: www.igs-uk.org. The updated design is responsive to the user’s device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) and site sections emphasize research, events, downloable resources, and more.
New IGS President (and former IGS UK Chairman) Dr. Russell Jones noted, “I am delighted to see the new IGS UK Chapter website up and running. I hope that this will provide IGS members in the UK all the up-to-date information on Chapter activities as well as information from further afield. The website has certainly come a long way from the one that I put together in 2004!”
On social media, the Young IGS Members were quick to promote the new website:
IGS UK Chapter New Website
A new logo has also been created.
Minerva TRI, publisher of Geosynthetica, provided website and graphic design services to the project.


  • January 14 – IGS/NIGG: “The Culmore Restoration” by Patrick Flood (NAUE Geosynthetics Ltd). Location: Queens University, Belfast
  • March 2 – IGS/MGS: “Sustainable Construction Using Geosynthetics” by Jamil Raja (Loughborough University). Location: University of Birmingham

Visit www.igs-uk.org for full details, additional resources, and membership information.
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