5 Fundamentals for Land Rehabilitation

5 Fundamentals for Land RehabilitationJim Tanner is no stranger to the inner workings and business development success of Profile Products LLC. He has spent 18 years at the company, being part of its exceptional growth in providing in soil, water, and vegetation management solutions.  The company has announced that Jim Tanner has been named President.
In his new role, he will also continue to serve at the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), a position he’s held since 2013.
John Schoch, the previous president, will remain in his position as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
“Jim’s contributions to the success and growth of Profile are too numerous to list, and his leadership has provided us with both the tools and the pathway to achieve many of our successes,” Schoch said. “With this promotion, he will continue to expand his operational involvement in all aspects of our business while also working closely with me on the strategic initiatives that will continue to drive our growth.”
Jim Tanner possesses a strong background in P&L management, strategic planning, new business development, and sales and marketing leadership. In a release on his promotion, the company highlight the pivotal role he’s played in operations management and strategic business acquisitions.
“[Profile’s innovations include] developing the first erosion control solution capable of withstanding intense rain on slopes up to 90°, providing soil conditioners and turf establishment products to the premier sports fields and golf courses around the world,  [and] introducing an inorganic topsoil replacement that can transform denuded sites into a field of green in just a few weeks,” Tanner said. “These products make a difference everywhere from residential lawns to the Panama Canal. That’s why we’re still on a growth path and why I’m looking forward to helping steer the company toward its next few milestones.”
Learn more about Profile Products’ innovations, markets, and resources at www.profileproducts.com.