For more than 25 years, Kent von Maubeuge (NAUE) has been an active member of various engineering professional associations and standards organizations (e.g., DIN, CEN, ISO, ASTM). He has become particularly known for his work in barrier geosynthetics. During the GeoMEast 2018 conference in Cairo, Egypt (24 – 28 November 2018), he will have the honor to deliver the Koerner Lecture, which is named for Geosynthetic Institute Director Emeritus Dr. Robert Koerner.
On the GeoMEast 2018 website, the announced topic for the Koerner Honors Lecture is “Geosynthetic barriers in regulations and recommendations in line with the ISO design guide.”

Kent von Maubeuge to Deliver Koerner Lecture at GeoMEast 2018
Kent von Maubeuge, seen here delivering a presentation on behalf of multiple standards groups at a geotechnical conference in Russia.


The GeoMEast Koerner Lecture topic is a strong one, as these regulations impact a diverse range of critical engineering sectors, such as mining, coal ash, waste management, environmental protection, water resources, and oil and gas. Kent von Maubeuge brings tremendous insight to the issue, not only through his career with NAUE but his consistent dedication to group efforts in committees. He serves as  chairman for multiple endeavors, including ASTM Committee D35 Subcommittee D35.04 (Geosynthetic Clay Liners); CEN TC189/WG6 Barriers; and the International Geosynthetics Society Technical Committee on Barrier Systems (TC-B). With ASTM, he has chaired workshops on GCLs, including the multi-component GCL symposium of 2012.
Additionally, Kent von Maubeuge also lectures on geosynthetics at the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld and the University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Germany.
The Koerner Honors Lecture recognizes the on-going achievements of Dr. Robert Koerner, P.E., who published the first geotechnical text incorporating geosynthetics more than 35 years ago. His Designing with Geosynthetics book is now in its 6th edition and remains a seminal resource in the field. Through teaching, research, writing, and consulting, and through the globally active Geosynthetic Institute, he has been one of the most influential figures in the world for geosynthetics and, by extension of the materials’ expansion into all infrastructure sectors, geotechnical engineering. Dr. Koerner has authored or co-authored over 750 papers. He is Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering at Drexel University and Emeritus Director of the Geosynthetic Institute. Dr. Koerner is also a strong proponent of distance learning. Learn more about his monthly live GSI Webinars.

Lifetime Predictions of Exposed Geotextiles and Geomembranes - Video Interview
Dr. Robert Koerner (right) being interviewed by International Geosynthetics Society president Russell Jones. They discussed Koerner’s on-going research into lifetime prediction of geosynthetics. Video available here.

Geosynthetica congratulates Kent von Maubeuge on this recognition!
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