Profile Products Lawn and Landscape

Profile Products Lawn and Landscape
Profile Products has announced the launch of Profile® Lawn & Landscape, an all-purpose porous ceramic soil conditioner. The system is supported by numerous studies that have shown years of effectiveness from a single application to flower beds, lawns, and containers.
The innovation is expected to appeal significantly to landscape architects with sustainability interests.
“Profile Lawn & Landscape improves soil at the granular level by increasing nutrient- and water-retention and improving drainage,” said Jeff Langner, a brand manager with the company. “Soil plays a critical role in the success or failure of a design project, but most soil around existing sites lacks balanced structure and pore space.”
Applied to soils, the product enhanceds the air and water-holding capacity of the root zone, creating better drainage in wet conditions and retaining more water in drier times. This helps roots extend deeper in soil, giving them greater stability at the surface and greater growth prospects.
In a release, the company notes:

Unlike organic materials such as peat, compost or topsoil, Profile Lawn & Landscape is made of ceramic particles that will not decompose or break down over time. Improvements to soil structure and pore space are permanent. Research studies from university and independent labs, including the University of Missouri and Tifton Physical Soil Labs, confirm that Profile Lawn & Landscape outperforms other soil amendments in a variety applications, from reducing drought stress to improving turf quality.

Like many other soil and vegetation-improving solutions, the product will also be quite useful to civil engineering projects. Greenroofs, green walls, reinforced slopes, highway roadsides and ditches, brownfields, and many other areas of infrastructure require soil and vegetation support as the final stage to ensure long-term site performance.
The solution fits with the company’s “Do it right once and you’re done” philosophy.
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