The mid-June BW Expo 2017 brought thousands of civil and environmental engineering professionals to São Paulo, where they encountered a first: a Geosynthetics Pavilion. Geosynthetica’s Brazil-market publication organized the pavilion to introduce the materials and some key companies to the gathering.
Photo by Bruno Pedroni of BW Expo and the Geosynthetics Pavilion
The BW Expo focused on sustainability in water, waste, air, and energy. It was co-located with the Construction Expo 2017 (International Fair of Buildings and Infrastructure Works), M & T Parts and Services 2017 (Congress of Technology and Management of Equipment for Construction and Mining), and the Sobratema Summit 2017.
The Summit added a geosynthetics learning track in support of the pavilion.

GEOSYNTHETICS PAVILION’s São Paulo-based editor Bruno Pedroni was present, as was Geosynthetica’s international account executive Andre Lacerda.
“Three companies participated in the Geosynthetics Pavilion,” writes Pedroni. “Maccaferri, TRI Ambiental, and CETCO. Companies such as Diamond Grid and Nortène were also present around the pavilion of the São Paulo Expo. At the IGS Brazil booth, several associated companies such as Geo Soluções, Huesker, Neoplastic, and Ober spoke to visitors.”
Photo by Bruno Pedroni of Diamond Grid at BW Expo
It was a successful introduction of geosynthetics for these events, and many companies expressed interest in getting involved with the next geosynthetics pavilion organized by Geosynthetica.


SOBRATEMA is the Brazilian Association of Technology for Construction and Mining. The organization, supported by 1000 associates and strategic partners, proposes solutions for the technological development of the sector and disseminates knowledge and information through training, education events, and other formats to the Brazilian market.
Photo by Bruno Pedroni of Sobratema Summit Geosynthetics Module
During the Sao Paulo conference, a half-day Geosynthetics Module was held. Expert geotechnical engineering instruction was provided by Dr. Vinicius Benjamim (Eng Consultoria), Dr. Julio Ferreira (TRI), and geotechnical engineer Regis Eduardo Geroto (ENGECORPS).
They presented on key topics, including:

  • Geosynthetics in Pavement Applications
  • Geosynthetic Containment Systems for Environmental Protection
  • Geosynthetics for Slope and Riverbank Protection

While the overall events were affected by the ongoing uncertainty in Brazil’s economy, in part due to the protracted political crisis, the environmental and infrastructure professionals at the event were very interested in the geosynthetics content and hopeful for future collaboration at these events and in the field.
For more information about opportunities in event partnership and organization, contact André Lacerda at